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    Fujinon LF Binoculars

    Made in Japan, the high quality semi-compact LF series from Fujinon consist of two 32mm models which are aimed at the nature lover, adventurer or outdoor sports enthusiast who needs a small easy to carry binocular but also requires a very high-quality view. Major highlights include a high quality and fully multi-coated optical system made in Japan, phase corrected roof prisms, a sealed and watertight housing covered in a shockproof rubber exterior.
    The Fujinon LF series is manufactured in Japan and consists of two high-end 32mm binoculars designed to exceed the needs of the discerning nature lover, adventurer or outdoor sports enthusiast.

    Important Features

    Almost as small as a full compact, yet with mid-sized 32mm objective lenses, Fujinon has cleverly managed to restrict the outer dimensions on these binoculars, partly by using roof prisms inside as well as some fairly unique design aspects. Whilst these LF binoculars feature a fairly standard single bridge body shape and they have a traditional looking centrally located focus wheel, it is actually positioned on the front face of the bridge and not on the rear as is usually the case.
    The focus wheel itself is large and thus easy to reach and precisely adjust. Diopter adjustment is also possible which enables you to calibrate the left side of the binocular independently to the right and thus allow for any differences in vision between your left and right eyes.
    The chassis is completely watertight and the exterior surface has a shock absorbing rubber armour to further protect the optics and improve comfort and grip.

    Optical Properties


    These binoculars are fully multi-coated which means all air-glass surfaces have multiple coatings of an anti-reflection material which improves light transmission for brighter, higher quality views.
    The roof prisms are described as corrected, which means they have special coatings on them that correct a phenomenon that is known as phase shift and results in a higher definition image when compared to binoculars that are uncorrected.


    The included accessories are fairly standard in that you are supplied with a padded neck strap, a Fujinon branded carry case, a cleaning cloth as well as covers for both the objective and ocular lenses.

    Features of Fujinon LF Binoculars

    • Fully Multi-Coated Lenses
    • Phase Corrected Roof Prisms
    • Shockproof Rubber Armour
    • Lightweight and Watertight housing
    • Adjustable Eyecups
    • Click-Stop Dioptric Adjustment

    Accessories of Fujinon LF Binoculars

    • Fujinon Branded Carry Case 
    • Padded Neck Strap
    • Objective Lens Covers
    • Ocular Lens Caps
    • Cleaning Cloth

    Warranty Terms and Conditions

    These Fujinon LF binoculars come with a two-year warranty period.


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