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Fixed power Scopes and Rifle scopes

Introduction of Fixed Power scope

Fixed power scopes are becoming rare these days since the majority of manufacturers moved forward and started producing riflescopes with variable magnification

Primary Arms CLX6 6x32 SFP

Primary Arms CLX6 6x32 Fixed magnification riflescope (fixed power rifle scopes)

Advantages of Fixed magnification scope

Nevertheless, fixed power rifle scopes still have some distinct advantages.

  • Due to the small number of lenses used in fixed power rifle scopes construction, this riflescope tends to be brighter than its variable magnification counterparts are. Normally, such a comparison is only valid if both riflescopes have glass and coating of the same quality.
  • The second advantage is that fixed power - scopes are easy to use. There is no magnification setting, no parallax adjustment, or any other distractions before taking the shot. Just aim and shoot

For some users, these two reasons are more important than the lack of field of view compared to variable power riflescopes.

Swampfox Patriot 4-16x44

Swampfox Patriot 4-16x44 Riflescope with fixed magnification (fixed power rifle scopes)

General information

General characteristics of fixed power rifle scopes are:

  • Fixed powered magnification
  • 1 inch, 30mm, or rail for mounting on rifles
  • Parallax set to 100 meters
  • Illuminated reticle or non-illuminated reticle
  • 42mm, 50mm, or 56mm lenses in fixed power rifle scopes

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Athlon Midas TSP3

Athlon Midas TSP3

Athlon Midas BTR PR41

Athlon Midas TSP4

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