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Clip-On Adapters for Dedal (M52x0.75)

Clip-on adapters for Dedal (M52x0.75)

This is the most common thread-type mounting standard on night vision and thermal clip-on devices. Dedal was the first company to use the M52x0.75 thread for clip-on mounting purposes. Many renowned adapter manufacturers have an adapter for this mounting standard in their offer – these are often designed to fit directly onto the thread without the use of an additional reduction ring (converter). These adapters can be paired with reduction rings (converters) to fit other common clip-on mounting standards. All the clip-ons that feature this mounting standard are front-mounted, meaning that they are mounted on the riflescope’s objective

Dedal mounting standard (M52x0.75) on Jahnke DJ8 1x48

Dedal mounting standard (M52x0.75) on Jahnke DJ8 1x48

Clip-ons that share this mounting standard:

Andres Industries TigIR-6M
Andres Industries TigIR-6Z+

Dedal 540
Dedal 541
Dedal 542
Dedal 546
Dedal 552
Diycon DNVC-3 Black Mamba
Gutzeit Front-Max Ultra
Heimdall Fokus 35
Heimdall Fokus 50
Infiray CL42

Infiray CH50 V2

Infiray CH50W

Jahnke DJ8 1x48

Jahnke DJ8 1x56

JSA Nightlux NV Dwarf
Liemke Merlin 42

Liemke Merlin 50

Lahoux Horus
Lahoux Horus Elite
Lahoux LV-81
Lahoux D-545
Lahoux Clip 42
Lahoux Elite Clip 50
Leica Calonox Sight

NightSpotter MR 2.0
Noblex NW100 35
Noblex NW100 50 
Zeiss 3/25

Zeiss 3/38


With Smartclip, Rusan, Recknagel, and Präzise Jagen adapters you need to choose the size based on the outer objective diameter of the riflescope.

Dedal mounting standard (M52x0.75) on Jahnke DJ8 1x48

Dedal mounting standard (M52x0.75) on Jahnke DJ8 1x48

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