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Fujinon Binoculars

Fujinon FMT

High-grade Fujinon binoculars offer perfect series of models for marine, astronomy and military applications, since they meet US military specifications. You can choose between rubber armoured or leather armoured models and a model with integrated compass and reticle. These extremely durable binoculars are able to withstand severe environments from desert heat to subpolar cold. Incredibly bright and razor sharp images are the result of Porro prism system and special Fujinon optical technology with EBC multicoated system that makes this high-quality piece of binoculars no doubt one of the best in the world.


Fujinon MT

Standard Fujinon MT series offers entry-level binoculars with very similar features as high-grade FMT series. These affordable binoculars are able to satisfy hunters, sailors and military personnel too. Using the best optical technology such as EBC multi-coatings on glass surfaces allows you to see bright images even in the pitch black environment. Well protected construction makes them extremely durable, watertight and fogproof.


Fujinon WP

Fujinon offers Mariner WP series, specially designed for water adventures, but also suitable for any other kinds of nature observations. One of the model also integrates compass and includes floatable neckstrap in case you may drop the binoculars in the water. This watertight construction is also fog-proof due to nitrogen filling and great polycarbonate body also makes these Porro binoculars extremely lightweight and very comfortable to carry for longer periods of time. They are also multicoated and incredibly bright even in the most challenging light conditions.


Fujinon KF

Versatile models in the KF series offer entry-level all-rounders, compact and one pocket-size binoculars. These series offer roof prism binoculars that makes them incredibly compact and lightweight. They are equipped with open-bridge design for extremely comfortable handling and non-slip grip. Instead of foldable eyecups they integrate multi-positioned eyecups that feel very comfortable when pressed against the face. They offer central focusing knob and right-eye diopter for fine adjustments.



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