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Zeiss Compact Point Mounts

The Zeiss Compact Point Reflex Sight is a very small, compact but still rigid sight with a great specter of usage. It is ideal for driven hunts and it can also be used for dynamic shooting sports. It can be mounted on a shotgun or used for competitive shooting. It can be used on either handguns, shotguns, rifles...

The Zeiss Compact Point can be used on handguns as well. When mounting the Zeiss to the handgun rear sight is removed and replaced with an adapter plate and Zeiss Compact point on it.

Zeiss Victory Compact point can be mounted on a variety of different firearms, either with fixed mounts or detachable ones. As standard mounting options from the factory, you can choose two options:

  • with Weaver/Picatinny mount included or
  • Zeiss plate.

Is essence the first option is meant for all rifles equipped with Picatinny rail and the second option for all firearms where you need a specific adapter between the dot and the firearm. Different producers of mounts offer adapters that suit Zeiss plate and are available for many standardized mounting solutions like:

  • Blaser mounting system,
  • Sauer 303 mounting system,
  • Mauser M03 mounting system,
  • CZ550 mounting 19mm dovetail,
  • Tikka T3 16mm dovetail,
  • Sako 75/85 mounting system dovetail and many others.


The upper side of the adapter plate has 4 positioning pins. The Zeiss Compact Point should be put onto the mounting plate in accordance to the 4 pins and fastened with two screws placed roughly in the middle. Both of these two screws are fastened from below through the housing of the red dot to the plate below (unlike the Docter Sight which is screwed from above).

The mount, unlike the Docter Sight, is watertight without the need for additional foils. The combination of the two screws and the four precision positioning pins prevents the shifting of the sight during use. The recommended torque applied to the screws should not exceed 2.2 Nm.

Zeiss Compact Points uses a very similar mount to the Docter Sight Reflex dots, but the screws that connect the dot to the adapter plate are located under the adapter plate as opposed to the above by Docter. Due to this reason not all Docter Sight mounts are suitable for Zeiss Compact Point reflex sights.

Zeiss Compact Point mounts are manufactured by the following companies: EAW, Henneberger, MAK, and Sauer.


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