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Clip-On Adapters for Pard NV007

Clip-on adapters for Pard NV007

This mounting standard was introduced on Pard’s NV007 model. It is of the bayonet type. The recesses on the inner surface of the adapter must be aligned with the two protruding parts on the device’s bayonet. Then, the adapter must be turned clockwise until a clicking sound is heard. All the clip-ons that feature this mounting standard are rear-mounted, meaning that they are mounted on the riflescope’s eyepiece. There are not that many different eyepiece diameters around, which is why all the adapters made for this mounting standard are one-piece.

PARD NV007 mounting standard on PARD NV007A

PARD NV007 mounting standard on PARD NV007A

Clip-ons that share this mounting standard:


Pard NV007S has a similar yet different mounting standard as Pard NV007 (the protruding parts on the bayonet are not in the same place). If you have a Pard NV007S, check out the Pard NV007S adapters

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