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Computerized Mount Telescopes

Computerized telescopes are scopes on a mount with added intelligencecomputer. The computer is an excellent addition to the telescope mount.

It helps the user to align the telescope, and it contains a database with coordinates of many celestial objects.

If the computer mount has a built-in GPS already, the alignment can be done automatically. Otherwise, the user needs to put in GPS coordinates, date, and time on a computer. 

Altazimuth mount with added computer

Altazimuth mount with added computer and motor drive - The user moves the telescope with hand control

Computerized telescopes come with:

If there is no motor drive, then the user needs to push the telescope by hand while the computer gives the instructions.

If the telescope mount has a motor built-in already, then the telescope can be moved to the desired location in the sky via hand control using buttons.

The computer in the telescope mount has control over drives. This command enables the telescope to slew to the desired location by itself — the user does not need to use control buttons to move the telescope.

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