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Privacy policy

Privacy and safety


Optics-trade website requires registration which means you have to fill out some forms that contain your personal information such as your name, last name, address, shipping address, e-mail, phone number etc. All collected data are property of Optium d.o.o. and will not be shown to any third party other than the delivery/post service which needs your information in order to deliver the purchased items. Collected purchase data will be used for notification about new items if the user so wishes.

If the website Optics-trade should ever be sold or taken over the information is then property of the new owner and company. We reserve the right to disclose any information if it would be requested by law enforcement, if it is in our interest to protect our rights, if it is requested by a court order, warrant or an ongoing police investigation.

There are several links on Optics-trade’s website that redirect to other foreign sites. We are not responsible for their content and policies. We strongly advise that you read all privacy statements on all foreign sites. The safety of your information is very important to us and it is our highest priority. We use the newest and highest industry standards for safety, collection of information and its transfer. We code all important information, such as credit card information, with SSL. We do however have to mention that sending and storing any information online is never 100% safe anywhere. We therefore cannot guarantee absolute safety.

Optics-trade website uses “cookies” which are small text files that contain information on your computer but do not cause any damage or infect your computer viruses. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to your hardware since the use of our site is completely voluntary and at your own risk.

We also cannot be held accountable for content and errors on linked sites. Our web-hosting provider automatically gathers information such as your IP address, browser type, OS, time of visit and other. This information is used solely for statistical purposes and is in no way connected to any other private information.

We reserve the right to adjust this policy at any time. Changes will be posted on the website and we encourage you to check frequently for updates.