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Low Light Rifle Scopes

General properties of Low light rifle scopes

The low light rifle scopes category holds those riflescopes that are built to offer the best possible performance at dusk or dawn and when hunting during the night when the moon and the stars are the only source of light.

Best Scopes for hunting

Low light scopes are used solely for hunting and especially in Europe where hunting in low-light situations is very popular. 

Low light rifle scopes - Best low light scope

Steiner Ranger 6 3-18x56 scope

Commonly associated features of scopes in this hunting category are:

  • 50 or 56mm objective lens diameter
  • High-quality glass and coating of the rifle scope
  • Capped turrets
  • The illuminated reticle or thick FFP reticle
  • Low-intensity illumination of the reticle
  • 1 inch or 30 mm tube or rail mounting
  • Fixed or variable magnification 
  • Minimal magnification ranging from 2x to 4x
  • Maximal magnification ranging from 10x to 16x

What is the best Low light rifle scope?

What makes a low-light rifle scope the best?

When on a hunt for the best scope, there are many factors to be considered:

  • a finely adjustable red dot (dimmable),
  • brightness of the scope,
  • scope image quality,
  • fields of use, and many more. 

Low-light rifle scope Buying guide

Due to numerous factors, price ranges, and manufacturers always producing new scopes, it is impossible to say which one is the best. However, we created a buying guide to keep you updated on some of the best buys in each price range. 

Comparison of Low light scopes - information of low light scopes

Steiner and Leica low light riflescopes

Lens, coatings and magnification in best Low light scope

A good low light rifle scope is one that fits the user’s financial goals, brightness, and provides a quality image, nevertheless. A lower zoom factor means there are fewer lens in the design. And fewer lens result in less loss of light. The coatings are also important – if they are of higher quality, again, less amount of light is lost every time light travels through the lens’ surface.

As for the lens size, the bigger, the better. The magnification of the scope should also not be too high, as this results in a smaller exit pupil, which we do not want for low light use.

But the most important factor to be taken into account is that the scope performs best in low light if it has an illuminated reticle, preferably in the form of a finely adjustable central dot (if the whole reticle is illuminated, it covers up the image of the target).

Can you use a low light scope at night?

Yes, a riflescope can be used for hunting at night, if you make use of the available residual light, such as the Full Moon or starlight, but your observation will not be ideal.

However, if you wish to hunt at night and see the target clearly, you need the help of other night vision optics, such as thermal and night vision attachments, as night vision optics collect whatever little light there is and amplify it. So, without thermal optics, you would only see a silhouette of the animals and no details. 

Leica Low light rifle scope

Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56 i scope

Video presentation of Low light scopes



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