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    Kahles Binoculars

    General Properties of Kahles Hunting Binoculars

    Often mistakenly attributed with the invention of the rifle scope, the Austrian Kahles company have been manufacturing scopes since 1898, are without question one of the original trailblazers, and were instrumental in their initial development.

    Perhaps not as well known as some other premium optical brands from the region, Kahales has nevertheless not stood still and this wealth of optical knowledge as well as tradition has led to their current position whereby they manufacture some of the finest high-end rifle scopes and binoculars currently on the market.

    kahles Helia binoculars 8x56 mm for hunting

    Kahles Helia Binocular 8x56 mm

    Kahles Helia

    Aesthetically beautiful and extremely functional optically and ergonomically, the Kahles Helia series never ceases to amaze. You can choose between two all-rounders with 8x42 mm and 10x42 mm configurations for the everyday use of hunters, bird watchers, and other wildlife and sport adventurers. They are fully multi-coated, have a wider field of view, and are able to withstand the harshest weather conditions due to high-quality materials and solutions.

    Kahles Helia RF

    As with all Kahles instruments, the Helia RF rangefinder binocular is of high quality and feature many unique technical solutions. You can choose between two rangefinders with 8x42 mm and 10x42 mm configurations.

    Combining the premium level of optics found on their flagship Helia range with a high-end rangefinder, both the Helia RF series offer the hunter accurate and dependable angle compensated ranging of up to 1500 meters in a tough, take anywhere waterproof chassis.

    This package is beautifully rounded off with the addition of handmade wool and a real leather neck strap and protective case from Waldkauz®.

     Kahles Helia RF 10x42 mm for hunting

    Helia RF 10x42 mm binocular

    Kahles Binoculars Series



    Video review of Kahles Helia RF 10x42 mm Hunting binoculars


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