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Adjustable Inclination Mounts


The elevation is the vertical adjustment plane and its settings are usually done just by the adjustments on the scope (via elevation turret). The other option to adjust elevation is using an adjustable inclination scope mounts.

Their main purpose is the ability to shoot at long ranges. Scope mounts that offer adjustable inclination are normally the tactical ones from the highest price class.

The second most known solution of scope mounts with adjustable inclination is the one for air rifles. This is in general also a more affordable solution for mounts that fit on 11 mm dovetails.

We should not forget scope mounts with an adjustable inclination for hunting rifles. However, these are very rare.

Adjustable inclination scope mounts can be either

  • complete mounts or

  • just rail adapters.

Most of adjustable inclination scope mounts work on a principle of pivoting the entire mount around one horizontal axis, while the other connecting point defines the height/position. 

Adjustable Inclination Mounts

Tactical adjustable mounts

All of the tactical adjustable mounts with adjustable inclination are made from a single piece so that the scope tube cannot get flexed. These mounts are also very rigid and robust, which is an important advantage over the rest of the alternatives.

ERA-TAC mounts are probably the most famous and well-known scope mounts of this kind at this moment. It is important to mention that adjustments are not continuous.

ERA-TAC mounts have levels (pre-set) from 0 to 70 MOA. Setting these levels can be done by untightening the screw on the rear end of the mount first, then setting the level of inclination and tightening the same screw back. Between untightening and tightening the screw, the mount is not fixed and it is not possible to shoot with it. Increments done by clicks usually have numbers written so that users can always see where he left his settings and can remember settings.


These mounts are available for rifle scopes with scope tube dimensions

Another solution of adjustable inclination scope mounts is a rail solution that works similarly and is made by the company Cold Shot. However, Cold Shot offers more continuous settings. It is somewhat strange and interesting that Cold Shot mount has Picatinny rail above the mount as well as under the mount. Of course, this solution adds some height to the entire setup.

Air Rifle adjustable scope mounts 

Air rifle scope mounts with adjustable inclination are normally made for 1 inch (25,4 mm) and 30 mm scope tubes. They are less rugged and are not suitable for rifles with strong recoil. Although, they are quite affordable and easy to set up. Usually, they are used for compensation of bad mounting platforms.

On the market, it is possible to air rifle scope mounts with adjustable inclination also as separate rings (two piece scope mounts). Such mounts can damage (usually flex) the scope and this is why they are not as appropriate as one-piece mounts. A prime example of this type is Hawke’s two piece adjustable scope mount.

Adjustable scope mounts for hunting rifles

Adjustable scope mounts for hunting rifles are a rarity. Probably the main reason why this is so, is its questionable purpose. Hunting rifles are usually not used for long-range and therefore there is no need for scope mounts of this type.

The example: Dentler scope mounts offer inclination adjustability, but it is meant for zeroing your scope, not for long-range shooting.


Adjustable inclination scope mounts are designed for a specific purpose – extreme long-range shooting.

They all have in common high price, which seems logical, because of the high precision needed during manufacturing, extremely tight tolerances, and similar. 

Adjustable Inclination Mounts

On the market can be found two types of this solution:

  • either complete mounts like ERA-TAC mounts or

  • adjustable inclination rails like Cold Shot.

There can also be found air rifle mounts with elevation settings, however, we do not recommend them.

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