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    Crossbow Scopes

    General features

    These riflescopes are designed for crossbow use. Crossbow scopes are compact and light, with a 1-inch (25.4mm) tube and an objective lens diameter of 32–36 mm.

    The magnification is either

    If it is variable, the maximum magnification usually does not surpass 8x.

    The parallax on crossbow scopes is fixed, mostly at around 30 m of distance. The eye-relief is suited for crossbow use (around 70 mm). 

    crossbow scope

    A crossbow with a mounted scope (source: sightmark.com)


    Reticle in crossbow scopes

    These reticles on crossbow scopes consist of dots or lines for the arrow drop (sometimes a combination of both is used).

    It is important to know that an arrow is subjected to a huge drop compared to a bullet, even at close distances.

    Most commonly, a great portion of the reticle is illuminated.

    Mounting on crossbows

    The mounting platform (Picatinny rail) on the crossbow scopes is located above the flight groove of the crossbow.

    A crossbow scope is attached onto the rail with two Picatinny rings. Most crossbow users shoot with the help of scope as it significantly improves the accuracy. 

    mounting on a crossbow scope

    short presentation of the Crossbow Scope is available here.

    Slideshare Presentation 

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