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Merkel Suhl Tilt-Up Mounts

A Merkel Suhl Tilt-up mount is a mounting system found on Merkel repeating rifles KR1 and on their break barrel rifles like the single shot K3/K4 and at combination rifles B3/B4. This mounting solution offers great flexibility since the same mounts are used on such different types of rifles and on the other hand, it offers 100% repeatability. Other advantages are:

  • lightweight, small and elegant mounts,
  • low height of mounting, including for the scopes with rails,
  • very easy and straight forward handling of the mount.


This mounting system has 4 mounting grows directly on the barrel and a cross section for the recoil stopper at the top of the barrel. Mounting of riflescopes directly on the barrel offers an advantage that it is possible to change the barrel and the scope together. Merkel KR1 is a prime example where a user can have multiple barrels with multiple scopes for one rifle only. Additionally since Merkel Suhl Tilt-Up mounts offer 100% repeatability, the user can have multiple scopes on each of the barrels. This type of mounts offer true versatility.


Even though Merkel Tilt-up mounting system has 4 groves and one recoil slot, most of the mounts for red dot sights clamp only to two groves and not all four. Nevertheless these mounts also fit on all rifles with this mounting system and also provide 100% repeatability.


Merkel Suhl Tilt-Up mount is used on the following rifles:

  • Merkel KR1,
  • Merkel B3/B4,
  • Merkel K3/K4.
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