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Clip-On Adapters - Smartclip

Clip-On Adapters - Smartclip

Nowadays, modern hunting requires modern equipment. It is believed that clear image while observing wildlife before making decisions or taking the shot, is crucial. If we want to be humane/ethical and make right decisions for wildlife, we have to observe properly and have a perfect view of the animal for two reasons: choosing the right animal and taking a clean shot. This is much harder to achieve in low light conditions or during the night, therefore there are some effective options on the market: night vision, digital night vision and thermal imaging attachments (so called clip-on devices). Night vision attachments are known for decades. They were invented for military purposes, but commercial market accepted them with excitement when it became possible to buy them. In recent times, thermal imaging clip-on are becoming more and more popular and there are many reasons for that.

Rusan Q-R one-piece adapter for Pulsar Krypton

Rusan Q-R one-piece adapter for Pulsar Krypton

Main advantages of thermal imaging over the night vision possibilities

  • Long detection range

  • Effective in wooden areas (seeing through bushes);

  • Good image in fog or heavy rain;

  • Not sensitive to daylight

  • Does not require an additional light source.

Night Vision Optics comparing to Thermal imaging

However, affordable night vision optics can be found on the market and they still have some advantages, comparing to thermal imaging:

  • Realistic image with good resolution;

  • Seeing details on animals (also at longer ranges);

  • Higher optical magnification.

When we are talking about night vision or thermal imaging, we can either talk about goggles and monoculars for observing or night / thermal scopes and clip-on systems, meant for installation on rifles. To be exact, clip on systems are meant for attaching to the riflescopes on rifles. The most convenient of all solutions on rifles are definitely clip on scopes (either night vision or thermal imaging – depends on the need). With this solutions, there is no need for switching scopes, you just have to attach clip on scope when needed. There is also no need for re-zeroing your riflescope when attaching or detaching clip on scope on it.

PARD NV007 Adapter

PARD NV007 Adapter

Adapters for Dedal clip-on attachments

Dedal is probably the most known name when talking night vision clip ons. It is so well known that most of the other producers of clip on mounts and night vision / thermal imaging products use their connection standard.

Dedal night vision devices (models 541, 552) directly fit to Swarovski 50mm scopes. Swarovski’s inner thread in front of objective lens is the same as on Dedal devices (M52/37). The length of thread is 10 mm and this is the most known connection standard (made by Dedal and used by all others). If you are using different Scope with different thread and diameter, adapters are needed.

Adapters for Pulsar Core clip-on attachments

Over the years, Pulsar became more and more successful with their thermal imaging products and today there are also very popular their mounting standards for clip on devices: Pulsar Core standard and Pulsar Forward standard.

Pulsar Core mounting standard was first introduced with their DFA75 model and later became known all on Core models. The original Pulsar adapter is produced in three different dimensions (42, 50 and 56 mm). If you have rifle scopes of different dimensions, Rusan and SmartClip both provide adapters for Pulsar from 30 to 80 mm. Sadly, original Pulsar adapters are quite thick and if you want more elegant design, you can pick a Smartclip or Rusan adapter. All these Pulsar Core adapters use two pins (or clips) which is the main difference, compared to Pulsar Forward adapters that use four pins.

 Rusan Q-R adapter for Dedal 540-552, Jahnke, Lahoux

Rusan Q-R adapter for Dedal 540-552, Jahnke, Lahoux

Adapters for Pulsar Forward clip-on attachments

Pulsar Forward standard was introduced for use on their F155 / F135 clip on models and stayed on the market for their newer F455 model. It is different from Core adapters, because it uses four pins. You could also use two pin Core adapter on F155 / F135 models, however it will not be as fix as with adapter that uses four pins. If you are Forward model owner, you can use different possibilies of adapters for your scope (similar to Core models, but for Forward models): original Pulsar adapter, Rusan adapter or Smartclip adapter. Smartclip is a one-piece adapter of elegant design, Rusan adapters are mostly made from two-pieces (56mm and 62mm are the only dimensions for which Rusan adapters are made from single piece) and also looks elegant and original Pulsar adapter that looks quite robust. For the original option you also need more space between the barrel and the objective bell (approximately 8 mm), while using aftermarket adapters need only 3-4 milimeters. Similar to Core adapters, dimensions are limited with original Pulsar adapter to 42, 50 and 56 mm, with Rusan adapters from 30 mm all the way up to 80 mm and with Smartclips in similar dimension span.

Original Pulsar adapters for Core and Forward models are quite affordable, although it is advised to leave them on the scope when you install them if you do not want to lose plastic inserts (which is quite a downside).

Above all, it is also important to know that all of these adapters can withstand recoils of more powerful calibers without problems.

Video presentation of NV Clip-on Adapters


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