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    Bushnell Legend E, L & M Binoculars

    Consisting of a wide variety of roof prism models, the Legend series is actually divided up into a number of sub-ranges. This begins with the mid-level Legend E series which focuses on delivering a good performance but at a great price. Next, you get the mid-to-high level Legend L series that builds on the E Series by adding a number of important improvements that add to their overall optical performance and general usability. Finally, Bushnell has their very high-end Legend M Series binoculars that focus on delivering a very high performance with an equally high level of luxuriousness but not at any cost as they still keep half an eye on being good value for money.

    Important Features

    All Bushnell Legend binoculars feature a tough, yet lightweight magnesium chassis that is rubber coated, water and fog proof for maximum environmental protection. They are also all tripod adaptable, have a large centrally located focus wheel, twist-up eyecups, and right eye diopter that ensures they can be adjusted to meet your preferences. E and M series binoculars sport a single bridge design, whilst the M series is offered in an open bridge variation and the diopter adjuster is lockable.

    Optical Properties

    Incorporating environmentally friendly lead-free glass, all models within the Legend series have a fully multi-coated optical system using Bushnell’s own ultra wideband anti-reflection coatings. These are specifically designed to collect as much light and deliver the maximum amount right through the system to your eyes, resulting in improved colour reproduction right across the light spectrum as well as better image definition and brightness.
    Exterior lens surfaces are also treated with a water repelling material that not only ensures the best possible views in wet conditions but keeps them cleaner for longer and makes them easier and thus safer to clean when you eventually need to.
    On all models, the BaK-4 roof prisms are treated with a phase correction material for improved image resolution. Legend M series binoculars also boast dielectric mirror coatings that boost the reflectivity of the prism to more than 99% for even better light transmission and thus even brighter, better quality views.
    Both L & M series binoculars also integrate extra-low dispersion glass elements into their lenses. This ED glass further reduces certain chromatic aberrations and thus helps to minimize colour fringing in the final view.


    Your Legend package is supplied with a soft, but protective carry case, objective lens covers, a rain-guard, padded neck strap and high-quality microfiber cleaning cloth.

    Features of All Bushnell Legend Binoculars

    All E, L & M Binoculars have the following features:

    • Lead-Free Glass
    • Fully Multi-Coated Optics
    • Hydrophobic Exterior Lens Coatings
    • BaK-4 Roof Prisms
    • Phase-Corrected 
    • Magnesium Alloy Chassis
    • Twist-Up Eyecups with intermediate stops
    • Right Eye Diopter Adjustment
    • Tripod Adaptable
    • Fully Waterproof 
    • Fog proof

    Extra Features on L Series Legend Binoculars

    • ED Glass Lens Elements
    • Lockable Diopter Adjustment Ring

    Additional Features on M Series Legend Binoculars

    • Dielectric Mirror Coated Prisms
    • Open Bridge Body Design
    • ED Glass Lens Elements
    • Lockable Diopter Adjustment Ring

    Accessories of Bushnell Legend Binoculars

    • Protective Carry Bag
    • Padded Neck Strap
    • Objective Lens Covers
    • Rainguard
    • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

    Warranty Terms and Conditions

    All binoculars within the Legend E, L & M series’ are covered by Bushnell’s comprehensive 30-year warranty.


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