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    Kowa BD Binoculars


    Description of Kowa BD 25 Binoculars


    The smallest Kowa series BD 25 offers two pocket-sized models with 8x25 and 10x25 configuration. This affordable hand-friendly series made in Japan can be easily stored into pockets and gives you perfect visual-experience as a companion when hiking, traveling, skiing, birdwatching and when visiting sports events or concerts. The body of this little BD25’s is ultra-compact and lightweight but still offers the high-quality optics of the bigger models. They are multi-coated with special C3 coating on lenses and prism surfaces for clear and bright view-through. They are also fully waterproof and fog-proof due to nitrogen gas filling that allows you to take them with you even during heavy rain or snow.


    Basic Features


    Kowa BD 25 series offers the smallest binoculars on the market at the moment that can be slightly folded together in the center to easily store them into pockets. Lightweight body of only 300 grams, is comfortable enough to carry around for longer periods of time without fatiguing. They are also hand-friendly for smaller children. The construction is enclosed in rubber armouring that helps to protect them against impacts, making them shock-proof. Tight seals block the water or dust from the outside. The impervious construction is also filled with dry nitrogen gas so they won’t fog inside and the clear viewing will never be compromised. BD 25 binoculars are equipped with central focusing mechanism which is quite aggressive and thus allows you to make proper adjustments really quickly. On the right barrel lies a diopter ring that helps you eliminate differences in eyesight. These small binoculars also offer great solutions for those wearing glasses since they come with twistable eyecups to make proper eye-relief. The eyecups are also softly rubberized so they feel extremely comfortable when pressed against the face, which classical foldable eyecups don’t offer.


    Optical Properties


    The pocket size binoculars are usually suitable for travelers, hikers and sports events observers, but are also perfect for different outdoor activities in the nature, such as butterfly hunting as these binoculars offer stunning close focusing distance (1.8 m) to open your eyes to the scenery up close. The smallest BD 25 series is multi-coated which means that the lenses have many layers of special C3 coatings applied on them. This optical technology helps to eliminate glaring and chromatic aberration to allow you to see clearly in different light conditions. Together with phase correction, these pocket binoculars offer incredibly lifelike images, bright, colorful and with powerful contrast. In terms of compactly sized binoculars, these are definitely worth having.




    Kowa BD includes a neckstrap for carrying and leather case for storage, objective covers and rainguards to protect the outer lenses against scratches and impacts.


    Features of Kowa BD 25 Binoculars


    • Fully Multi-coated (C3)
    • Single-hinge Design
    • Roof Prism
    • Phase Correction
    • Bak4 + SK15 Prisms
    • Central Focusing
    • Right-eye Diopter
    • Twist-up Eyecups
    • Waterproof
    • Fog-proof (Nitrogen filling)


    Accessories of Kowa BD 25 Binoculars


    • Neckstrap
    • Leather Case for Storage
    • Objective Lens Covers
    • Rainguards
    • Lens Cleaning Cloth


    Available models of Kowa BD Binoculars


    BD 25 8x25 DCF

    Short range, daytime pocket binoculars

    BD 25 10x25 DCF

    Long range, daytime pocket binoculars


    Warranty Terms and Conditions


    Kowa gives 10 years of Warranty for BD 25 Binoculars. The company repairs or replaces damaged products, without charge. However, it doesn’t include No Fault Policy – doesn’t cover damages due to mishandling, misuse, neglect or accidental damage. Kowa is not responsible for lost packages. You can claim the warranty with warranty card given by Kowa. Wearing parts such as carrying straps, protective overs, armoring and cases are not covered under this warranty.

    You can learn more about our own warranty policy on the following link:


    No matter what happens to your binoculars, we will be here to help you.


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