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    Blaser Primus Binoculars

    Made in Germany, these premium level Primus binoculars from Blaser are tailored to exceed the requirements of the most exacting hunters. With four distinct models available, you have the choice between a 10x42 long distance binocular, an 8x56 low light performer, an 8x30 lightweight and compact model ideal for travel as well as an 8x42, the ideal general use hunting binoculars.
    These top end Blaser Primus binoculars have been carefully tailored from the bottom up with hunters specifically in mind. In terms of their build quality and components, these German made instruments sit comfortably amongst some of the very best.
    With for distinct models, this is a relatively small range. However, each instrument has a distinct area in which they excel and thus cater for a wide range of niches within the hunting arena.

    Important Features

    Blaser has produced a roof prism binocular with a slight twist on the single hinge body design, as the bridge on these is positioned nearer to the eyepieces than the objectives. This effectively brings the balancing point backward which especially in the case of the larger models is intended to make them more comfortable to hold.
    Blaser Primus binoculars have a magnesium alloy housing which is strong, lightweight and very resistant to temperature related expansion and contraction, which can cause the optics to become misaligned.
    The slip-resistant and protective armor exterior is unique in that it stands out from the crowd, but at the same time is still extremely well camouflaged with its two-tone brown colour scheme.
    O-ring sealed and nitrogen-filled, the interior components are resistant to internal fogging, as well making the binocular dust and waterproof.
    For completely shake-free viewing and for eliminating arm fatigue on long-duration observation sessions, the binoculars are tripod mountable.

    Optical Properties

    The centrally located focus knob is large and within easy reach. These also have a dioptric correction ring located on the right eyepiece that enables the instrument to allow for any variance in vision between your two eyes.
    The optics are fully multi-coated using Blaser’s CCC multiple layer coating (Contrast and Color Corrective Coating) that is said to not only offer improved light capture and transmission but also help ensure that you are presented with bright, high-contrast images with a neutral colour reproduction even in suboptimal light conditions.
    The exterior lens surfaces have what Blaser call their SLP coating (Smart Lens Protection) added to them. This not only protects them, but the hydrophobic nanotechnology causes water to bead up and then run off the lenses. This enables better viewing in rain and mist, prevents watermarks from forming on the lenses and makes them easier to clean and thus there is less chance of scratching.


    As well as the instrument itself, in the box you will find a protective carry case, padded neck strap, a one-piece cover for the ocular lenses and eyepieces (Rainguard), 2x objective Lens caps and a microfiber lens cleaning cloth.

    Features of Blaser Primus Binoculars

    • Top Hinge, Single Bridge Body Design
    • Rubber Armoured Magnesium Chassis
    • Large Center Focus Wheel
    • +/- 4 Right-eye Dioptric Correction
    • Removable Rubber Eyecups
    • Abbe-Koenig Roof Prisms on 42mm and 56mm Models
    • Schmidt-Pechan Roof Prisms on 30mm Model
    • Phase-Corrected
    • Fully Multi-Coated: CCC (Contrast and Color Corrective Coating) system
    • Aquaphobic SLP (Smart Lens Protection) Coatings
    • Fully Sealed: Water & Dust Proof 
    • Fog Proofing: Nitrogen Purged
    • Tripod Mountable

    Accessories of Blaser Primus Binoculars

    • Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
    • Padded Neck Strap
    • One-Piece Ocular Lens Cover
    • Objective Lens Caps
    • Protective Carrying Case

    Warranty Terms and Conditions

    Blaser offer a limited lifetime warranty on their Primus series of binoculars.


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