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Bushnell Fusion Binoculars

Bushnell Fusion binoculars are a great example of technology fusion where laser distance measurement function has been merged with modern Roof prism binoculars. The Bushnell Fusion binoculars offer excellent optic properties because of multi coated lens surfaces which ensures good image contrast, sharpness and light transmission rate. Bushnell Fusion binoculars are also waterproof and can be used in cold climates since they are nitrogen filled and therefore fogproof at low temperatures. Edge to edge sharpness is class leading and the same goes for light transmission rate, which is essential when using binoculars in the dark. Bushnell Fusion binoculars offer easy laser distance measurement with just a simple push of a button. The measurement is 1 metre accurate at a maximum distance of 1465 metres and at the same time the integrated software calculates aiming adjustment based on the ballistic flight of the bullet. The Bushnell Fusion binoculars are an excellent choice for all who do not wish carry two pieces of equipment with them.

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