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    Kowa BD Prominar XD Binoculars


    Description of Kowa BD XD PROMINAR Binoculars


    BD XD Prominar series of binoculars by Kowa manufacturer offers compact-size, all-rounders and nighttime binoculars for long distance observations. Perfect for hunters, birdwatchers, hikers, travelers, safari etc. Tthe nighttime binoculars with 56mm lens diameter are suitable for astronomy applications. All the models are built out of rugged and durable materials, special Prominar XD lenses and layers of C3 high-quality optical coatings. Wider field of view and stunning close focusing distance that these compact and all-round models provide, are able to satisfy the not only beginners but also the demanding users. Great balance and full protection of these BD series are also very important features.


    Basic Features


    The compact size model in this BD series is made out of Aluminum body and all-rounders are made out of lightweight Magnesium chassis that makes them less fatiguing. Nighttime models are made out of Polycarbonate body, the lightest material that significantly helps to take the weight off your shoulders. All BD HD Prominar binoculars are enclosed in rubber armour to make construction shock-proof and impervious to water and dust. Completely sealed body is purged with nitrogen gas that prevents the formation of condensation due to temperature changes that especially occur during the sunrise or sunset. These series offer great ergonomics due to their stylish and practical design and perfect weight distribution and balance. All models are equipped with twistable eyecups that offer ideal eye-relief even for those wearing eye glasses. Focusing is adjusted with a very grippy silver central focusing wheel diopter that is integrated onto central wheel (56 mm models) or beside the right eyecup (32 mm and 42 mm models).


    Optical Properties


    BD series is equipped with special PROMINAR XD lenses that enhance brightness and help with extremely razor sharp images due to extra-low dispersion rate that reduces chromatic aberration. C3 coatings that are applied on the glass help with better light transmission, colorful lifelike images and phase correction which delivers a powerful contrast and resolution for stunning view-through. These binoculars provide wider field of view for quicker tracking. All-round and compact models offer extremely generous close focus distance (1.5m) perfect for macro observations. The objects up close will reveal even the smallest details of the birds, insects, etc.




    Kowa BD includes extremely comfortable neckstrap for carrying, objective covers and rainguards for protection of the lenses and case for storage.


    Features of Kowa BD XD PROMINAR Binoculars


    • Aluminum Body (32 models)
    • Magnesium Body (42 models)
    • Polycarbonate body (56 models)
    • XD PROMINAR Lenses
    • Fully Multi-coated (C3)
    • Ultra Close Focus (32 and 42 models)
    • Roof Prism
    • Phase Correction
    • Bak4 Prisms
    • Central Focusing
    • Right-eye Diopter
    • Twist-up Eyecups
    • Waterproof
    • Fog-proof (Nitrogen filling)
    • Tripod Adaptable


    Accessories of Kowa BD XD PROMINAR Binoculars


    • Neckstrap
    • Case for Storage
    • Objective Lens Covers
    • Rainguards
    • Lens Cleaning Cloth


    Available models of Kowa BD Binoculars



    Short range, daytime compact binoculars

    BD XD PROMINAR 10x32

    Long range, daytime compact binoculars


    Short range, all-round daytime binoculars

    BD XD PROMINAR 10x42

    Long range, all-round daytime binoculars


    Short range, nighttime binoculars

    BD XD PROMINAR 10x56

    Long range, nighttime binoculars

    BD XD PROMINAR 12x56

    Long range, nighttime binoculars


    Warranty Terms and Conditions


    Kowa gives 10 years of Warranty for BD XD PROMINAR Binoculars. The company repairs or replaces damaged products, without charge. However, it doesn’t include No Fault Policy – doesn’t cover damages due to mishandling, misuse, neglect or accidental damage. Kowa is not responsible for lost packages. You can claim the warranty with warranty card given by Kowa. Wearing parts such as carrying straps, protective overs, armoring and cases are not covered under this warranty.

    You can learn more about our own warranty policy on the following link:


    No matter what happens to your binoculars, we will be here to help you.


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