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    Vortex Raptor Binoculars


    Description of Vortex Raptor Binoculars

    Vortex Raptor is a mid-sized, wide-angle binocular ideal for families and youth hunters that are looking for high-performing binoculars at affordable price. Wide range of interpupillary distance od these highly-regarded porro-prism design can be adjusted to fit anyone even glass wearers due to twist-up eycups. Wide field of view offers sharp images and helps you to follow moving objects very easy. Rich depth of field also provides with incredible 3D images to give you a lot of detail on what you are focusing on, even the objects that are very close. Neutral nitrogen purged construction with O-righ seals protects this Raptor against internal fogging and water. Classic porro-prism design with rugged rubber armour for non-slip grip will never cease to amaze and will last for generations with VIP Vortex Waranitty.


    The best features

    Incredible ergonomic design makes this Raptor incredibly lightweight, easy to hold in hands and to carry around. You can easely store them in the pockets and due to its lightness carry them around the neck for longer time. Rugged rubber armor also provides with the firm non-slip grip. Interpupillary distance is 50-70 mm and can be adjusted for anyone. When it comes to protection, Raptor has a neutral nitrogen gas construction, so internal fogging due to sudden temperature changes will never be an issue. O-ring vacuum seals also helps to make these binoculars waterproof and prevents for moisture, dirt and debris getting inside the binocular. With lifetime Vortex warranty, you will never have to worry about using them in harsh weather conditions such as the rain.


    Optical properties


    Fully multi-coated lenses with anti-reflective coatings that minimizen internal reflections helps to gather more light and increases light transmission for sharper and crispier images. Due to 32 mm lenses Raptor is still recommended being used during daytime. Porro-prism design generally offers rich depth of field for detailed images up close and wider field of view increasing the visible field and helps you to aim and stay on a moving object. Very quick and grippy central focus will let you to keep on your gloves. To adjust the focus you can use central focus wheel with right eye diopter that eliminates differences in the eyes. For a proper eye-relief you can adjust twist-up eyecups, which is especially convenient for glass wearers.


    Other features and accessories

    Raptor binoculars are equipped with tethered objective lenses and rainguards against scratches, lens cleaning cloth, neck strap for easy carrying around the neck and protective case for storage.



    The series have 8.5x32 and 6.5x32 compact models ideal for short-range observations during daytime. They are family-friendly and convenient for everyday applications such as sports, traveling, bird watching and other adventurous observations of wildlife  such as butterflies and other smaller animals.


    Features of Vortex Raptor Binoculars

    • Rugged rubber armor coating
    • Phase-corrected prisms
    • Fully multi-coated lenses
    • BaK-4 Prisms
    • Twist-up eyecups
    • Center focus wheel
    • Right-eye diopter
    • Tripod adaptable screw
    • O-ring seals
    • Waterproof and Fog-proof construction (Nitrogen purging)
    • VIP Warranty: Vortex unconditional unlimited lifetime warranty


    Accessories of Vortex Raptor Binoculars

    • Rainguards
    • Tethered objective lens covers
    • Protective case for storage
    • Neck strap for easy carrying
    • Lens cleaning cloth


    Available models of Vortex Raptor Binoculars


     Raptor 8.5x32 

     Short-range, daytime observation model for sports, traveling and camping. 

     Raptor 6.5x32

     Short-range, daytime observation model for sports, traveling and camping.


    Warranty Terms and Conditions

    Vortex Company also provides VIP Warranty (Very Important Promise to you): unconditional unlimited lifetime warranty free of any charge, without filling out the warranty card or hanging on the receipt. That means your Raptor is meant to last for generations.

    You can learn more about our own warranty policy on the following link:


    No matter what happens to your binoculars, we will be here to help you.


    Video presentation of Vortex Raptor Binoculars


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