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    Fujinon MT Binoculars


    Description of Fujinon MT Binoculars


    Fujinon offers a standard MT series of binoculars made in Japan for marine, astronomy and other professionals that look for extremely durable equipment that’s able to withstand severe environments. With four models available for observations in the nighttime, these binoculars can pride themselves in great functionality and high-quality optics that consist of EBC coatings on all glass surfaces. They are affordable version of high-end FMT binoculars, but don’t let the price confuse you. MT series is still outstandingly great and their performance capabilities are able to satisfy even the professional users.


    Basic Features


    The MT models come in both rubber and leather armouring. Rubber armoring protects them binoculars against impacts, so they are shock-proof and able to withstand the test of time. The leather with its appealing design however doesn’t offer this kind of protection, but ruggedness will help you with the non-slip grip. Both versions are waterproof and also filled with dry nitrogen gas that eliminates internal fogging due to sudden temperature changes. Compared to roof prism binoculars on the market, these are heavier and little more stiff to carry for longer periods of time, but are definitely more durable and bright. They are able to withstand even the most severe environments, from desert heat to subpolar cold. MTRC-SX model also integrates compass and reticle, especially convenient for marine or military use.


    Optical Properties


    MT series by Fujinon offers impressively great binoculars for different applications in the nature – mostly suitable for nighttime observations. Due to Porro prism system, they are incredibly bright and with 50mm or 70mm lens diameter draw in plenty of light. The multi-coated lenses are using the layers of EBC - Electron Beam Coating on all glass surfaces that help not only with high light permeability but also provide extremely clear-viewing. Razor sharp images from edge to edge, great resolution with powerful contrast and color fidelity are the result of anti-reflection coatings that help to eliminate reflections and glaring. The lenses are also flattened, not as much as FMT series, but still good enough even for the most demanding users. These binoculars are equipped with individual focusing mechanism to make proper focus adjustments which don’t only give binoculars more protection, but also help with precise settings and elimination of eyesight differences between both eyes. Eyepieces are foldable and give a proper-eye relief even for those wearing eye-glasses.




    Fujinon MT series include eyepiece and objective lens covers for even more protection, and also protective case for storage. The padded neck strap is also added that will ease your portability.


    Features of Fujinon MT Binoculars


    • Porro Prism
    • Fully Multi-coated (EBC)
    • Flat Field Lenses
    • Aluminum Chassis
    • Phase Correction
    • Bak4 Prisms
    • Individual Focusing
    • Foldable Eyecups
    • Waterproof
    • Fog-proof (Nitrogen filling)
    • Tripod Adaptable


    Accessories of Fujinon MT Binoculars


    • Neckstrap
    • Case for Storage
    • Objective Lens Covers
    • Rainguards
    • Lens Cleaning Cloth


    Available models of Fujinon MT Binoculars


    7x50 MT-SX

    Short range, nighttime binoculars

    7x50 MTR-SX

    Short range, nighttime binoculars – rubber coated

    7x50 MTRC-SX

    Short range, nighttime binoculars – rubber coated with compass and reticle

    10x70 MT-SX

    Long range, nighttime binoculars

    25x150 MT-SX

    Long range, nighttime binoculars


    Warranty Terms and Conditions


    Fujinon gives 30 years of Warranty for MT-SX and MTR-SX binoculars. The company repairs or replaces damaged products without charge but only with the invoice as a proof of warranty. The warranty doesn’t cover the replacement of the wear parts such as rubber coatings, straps and lens covers. It also doesn’t cover already repaired binoculars that wasn’t approved by the manufacturer or in case of drops, fire, water, earthquakes and other natural catastrophes.

    You can learn more about our own warranty policy on the following link:


    No matter what happens to your binoculars, we will be here to help you.


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