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    Vixen VI Rifle Scopes

    Vixen VI rifle scopes description

    Vixen VI rifle scopes are the entry level of Vixen rifle scopes and come for an affordable price. They offer rifle scopes with 4 times zoom ratio, minimal 2x and maximal 16x. The reticle is in the second focal plane, so it stays the same size when zooming in or out. There are models with fixed parallax on 100 yards or 91 meters, and models with adjustable parallax that goes from 20 yards to infinity (Vixen VI 4-16x44). The Reticles are non-illuminated, but you can choose between BDC (Ballistic Drop Compensation), Mil-Dot or duplex style reticles.

    The eye-box on Vixen VI rifle scopes is very good for this price, and the turrets are capped and fine adjustable with ¼ MOA (7mm) of adjustment per click. All Vixen VI series rifle scopes have the main tube 1 inch thick, so many mounting solutions are available. All rifle scopes from this series have a fast focus eyepiece. They are filled with nitrogen, what makes them fog-proof even at low temperatures, and because of this sealing, they are completely waterproof.

    Vixen VI rifle scope tubes are one piece built out of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, what makes them durable and shock resistant. The lens are multi-coated, providing good image quality and sharpness edge to edge with a good light transmission. The warranty on all Vixen VI rifle scopes is 5 years.


    Vixen VI rifle scopes features

    Vixen VI configurations

    Mounting of Vixen VI rifle scopes

    The Vixen VI rifle scopes can only be mounted with 1-inch rings.


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