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Bushnell Elite Tactical Rifle Scopes

Bushnell Elite Tactical rifle scopes description

Bushnell Elite Tactical rifle scopes are one of the best tactical rifle scopes from close range CQB and all the way to long range target shooting for this price point. Bushnell offers optics already for over 65 years, and they really know what they have to build into tactical rifle scopes for making them rugged, reliable and optically great. This series of rifle scopes were built and tested with law enforcement and military experts nationwide, and they comprises many different models, for all kind of hunting or tactical use.

All the scopes in the Elite Tactical series have single-piece tubes from aircraft grade aluminum, which will withstand most any abuse. They are protected with a matte, anti-glare finish for protection against scratches and other elements. All lens surfaces are ˝Ultra Wide Band˝ multi-coated which not only ensures excellent image sharpness and contrast but also means that the lenses have a very good light transmission which is especially useful in the dark or poor light conditions. The outer lens surfaces are protected with a special Rainguard coating which prevents dew build up even in the harshest conditions at low temperatures.

In the Elite Tactical series of rifle scopes there are also 2 wide angle models for CQB, IPSC and close range target shooting, which have a magnification till 6.5 or even till 8.5, so they can be easily usable even till medium range.

Not all models, but many of them have reticle illumination with a side parallax turret, and some rifle scopes have reticle set in the second focal plane (reticle size doesn't change with magnification) so the reticle doesn't cover a lot of the target, and some in the first focal plane (reticle size change with magnification) for easy holdovers and distance calculations. The click value is also different, some come with MOA/MOA and some with MIL/MIL configurations. The reticle always matches with the click value.

Bushnell Elite Tactical rifle scopes features

  • Reliable mechanics in one-piece housing (shockproof even for the most powerful calibers)
  • Waterproof and argon purged for Fogproof use at low temperatures
  • First focal plane reticles (reticle size change with magnification)
  • Second Focal Plane reticles (reticle size doesn't change with magnification)
  • ˝Ultra Wide Band˝ Multi-coated lenses for image brightness and contrast
  • ˝Rainguard HD˝ coating on outer lenses (prevents fogging on outer lenses)
  • Adjustable parallax turret (most models – other fixed at 100 meters)
  • Variable and fixed magnification
  • Night time and daylight illumination (depending on model)
  • Tactical locking turrets (depending on model)
  • 10 years warranty


Bushnell Elite Tactical configurations

Mounting of Bushnell Elite Tactical rifle scopes

The Bushnell Elite Tactical rifle scopes can be mounted with 1-inch rings, 30 mm rings or with 34 mm rings.


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