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Minox ZP TAC Rifle Scopes

Minox ZP TAC rifle scopes description

Minox ZP TAC rifle scopes are the most advanced and the most durable rifle scopes made from the company Minox. These rifle scopes are specifically designed for military, law enforcement and police use under harsh environment. The entire housing is made from a durable aircraft-grade aluminum from a single piece, so it will withstand any harsh treatment.

The zoom ratio is 5 times on both higher magnification rifle scopes, and on the wide angle model, the zoom ratio is 8 times, what makes this a perfect rifle scope for CQB (Close Quater Battle), close range or even medium range target shooting. All rifle scopes in this series have the reticle set in the first focal plane so the reticle changes simultaneously when changing the magnification, and all have a reticle illumination. For every model in this series, there are many reticles to choose from, and all reticles are MRAD based, like the clicks on the turrets. That's why these rifle scopes are true MIL/MIL (reticle and turrets are matched) scopes. The illumination also features an automatic turn off function after 3 hours of disuse to save the battery life.

The main benefit of the wide angle model is the ˝CCR reticle system˝ with a daylight bright illumination, which is located in the second focal plane, so the illuminated dot has the same size at all magnifications. This combined with the first focal plane reticle is very useful, because on lower magnifications you can use the scope like a red dot, and on bigger magnifications, the reticle can be used for hold-overs, wind corrections, and distance measurements. Two of three available reticles are MIL-based so the usage of them is very simple. Another difference is in the turrets, on this wide angle model the turrets are tactical lockable at the zero, so no accidental movement can occur. The same is with the illumination control, it is lockable only on the wide-angle model.


The two bigger magnification rifle scopes have double turn tactical turrets with 14 MIL elevation per turn, and the entire elevation is 28 MIL, so these rifle scopes can be used even when shooting on extreme ranges. The ZP TAC 1-8x24 model on the other side has lockable single turn turrets. The magnification ring is nicely wide, with a small throw lever for a better grip even when using gloves.

All rifle scopes from this series have the advanced M* fully multi-coated lenses for best optical properties and maximal light transmission, are completely shockproof, and the eye relief of 90 mm is also big enough for safe use on big magnum calibers like the .50 BMG. The tight sealing makes these rifle scopes completely waterproof even when submerged under 15 meters of water. The housing is argon purged for a fog-free use at low temperatures.

Another nice feature is the lockable eyepiece, so when you once adjust the scope for your eyes, you lock it, and it is secured for any accidental movement. Except for the wide angle model, all rifle scopes in this series have an adjustable parallax turret that goes from 50 meters to infinity in just 180-degree turn.

All ZP TAC rifle scopes have a big 34 mm main tube for bigger elevation and a thicker, more durable tube wall. For this tube diameter, many rings or tactical monoblock mountings are available. The warranty is 30 years, what is really a lot for tactical rifle scopes.

Minox ZP TAC rifle scopes features

  • Reliable mechanics in one-piece housing (shockproof even for the most powerful calibers)
  • Waterproof and argon purged for Fogproof use at low temperatures
  • ˝M*˝ Multi-coated lenses for image brightness and contrast
  • Adjustable parallax turret (adjustable from 50m to infinity)
  • Fixed parallax (ZP TAC 1-8x24)
  • First focal plane reticles (reticle size changes with magnification)
  • Second focal plane illumination (only ZP TAC 1-8x24)
  • Illuminated reticle (night time usable, ZP TAC 1-8x24 even daylight bright)
  • Exposed tactical turrets
  • 30 years warranty

Minox ZP TAC rifle scopes configurations

Mounting of Minox ZP TAC rifle scopes

The Minox ZP TAC rifle scopes can only be mounted with 34 mm rings.


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