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    Hawke Sidewinder 30 Rifle Scopes

    Hawke Sidewinder rifle scopes description

    Hawke Sidewinder rifle scopes are build for medium to long-range target shooting. Very long, Sidewinder rifle scopes where top-end rifle scopes from Hawke, and thiese rifle scopes stands out for their price / performance ratio. Hawke claims that Sidewinder rifle scopes can withstand even strong recoiling caliber, without taking any damage.

    In the Sidewinder series there are rifle scopes with fixed or variable magnification, and most of them can be ordered in different reticle choices. The reticles available are SR Pro, which has usable aiming points for different calibers, and with the Hawke X-ACT software these holding points easily can be calculated. The other 2 reticles available are 10 ½ and 20 ½ , which have a MIL-DOT based design, and have real MIL spacings at a given magnification. By the 10 ½ the mil spacing is correcrt at 10x magnification, and on the 20 ½ reticle the spacing is correct at 20x magnification. This means, 1 miliradian is 1 cm on 100 meters, and 1 whole MIL is 10 cm on 100 meters.

    All rifle scopes from these series have exposed tactical turrets with locking function, which are easily resettable, and the clicks on these turrets are 1 / 4 MOA. The parallax adjustment turret is locatet on the opposite side of the windage turret, that has an adjustment range from 10 yards (9 meters) to infinity. On the same turret is also the reticle illumination control, that has red and green illumination options, both 5 intensity settings.

    The reticle in all models is set in the second focal plane (reticle size doesn't change with magnification), and is etched into glas to withstand big calibers. All lenses have fully multi coated lenses with 18 layers of coating, for superb clarity and light transmission. The whole tube is made from a single piece alluminum for extra strenght, and is filled with nitrogen to prevent internal fogging at low temperatures. The diameter of the main tube is 30 mm, so many mounting solutions are available.

    Hawke Sidewinder rifle scopes features

    • Reliable mechanics in one-piece housing (shockproof)
    • Waterproof and nitrogen purged for Fogproof use at low temperatures
    • Second Focal Plane reticles (reticle size doesn't change with zoom)
    • Multi coated lenses for image brightness and contrast
    • Adjustable parallax (from 10 yards / 9 meters to infinity)
    • Variable magnification
    • Fixed magnification (Sidewinder 10x42)
    • Illumination control (5 RED and 5 GREEN brightness settings)
    • 10 years warranty


    Hawke Sidewinder configurations

    • Hawke Sidewinder 4.5-14x42 (short to medium range target shooting)
    • Hawke Sidewinder 6.5-20x42 (medium to long range target shooting)
    • Hawke Sidewinder 8.5-25x42 (medium to long range target shooting)
    • Hawke Sidewinder 10x42 (short to medium range target shooting)
    • Hawke Sidewinder 3-12x50 (short to medium range target shooting)
    • Hawke Sidewinder 4-16x50 (short to medium range target shooting)
    • Hawke Sidewinder 6-24x56 (medium to long range target shooting)
    • Hawke Sidewinder 8-32x56 (medium to long range target shooting)

    Mounting of Hawke Sidewinder rifle scopes

    The Hawke Sidewinder rifle scopes can only be mounted with 30 mm rings.


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