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Schmidt & Bender Sport Optics

Schmidt & Bender company have its headquarters in Biebertal, Germany. It was founded in 1957 by instrument makers Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Bender. The company first produced telescopic sights for hunters and field target sports shooters and also for military and law enforcement. Riflescopes that are now available are still produced manually, meaning they are assembled by hand so the company can only make a limited number of scopes annually. Schmidt & Bender is currently one of the leading suppliers for scopes in the world.

Riflescopes series for hunting are ExosStratosPolar T96, Zenith, Summit and Klassik. They are brighter, which makes them ideal for shooting during challenging light conditions. For police and military, there are PM and PM II series of riflescopes, which are equipped with more features and suitable for dynamic applications. Both series come in sand brown colors.  You can choose between an amazing amount of reticles for riflescopes suitable for sport, hunting, police, and military. Schmidt & Bender also offers covers for lenses, oculars, and different filters:

  • grey,
  • yellow,
  • polarization,
  • laser filter and
  • honeycomb filter.

All riflescopes are built with incredible precision using high-quality technologies. All scopes are abrasion-resistant with the anodized surface finish. Many coatings and optics that meet the latest requirements can satisfy every passionate hunter, marksman, and military personnel.


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