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Schmidt & Bender Polar Rifle Scopes.


Schmidt & Bender Polar T96 rifle scopes description

Schmidt&Bender Polar T96 riflescopes represent the best product among riflescopes for hunting use from the Schmidt&Bender Company. There are not a lot of other products that can match up to the quality, image sharpness and light transmission rate of Schmidt&Bender Polar T96 riflescopes. They are excellent in the dark, with 96% of light transmission the brightest hunting rifle scope curently on the market, what makes them the perfect hunting scopes for rised hide hunting in dusk and dawn. The adjustable illumination with 11 intensity settings makes the dot useful for night time, and the turret is big enough for using with gloves.

All Schmidt & Bender Polar T96 rifle scopes come with standard posicon turrets, that means that the turrets have a integrated turn indicator that shows where the reticle is positioned in the scope, but optionaly also lockable BDC turrets can be ordered for quick elevation and windage adjustment. The reticle can be ordered in first focal plane (reticle changes with magnification) or in second focal plane (reticle size doesn't change with magnification). Even the type of mounting can be choosen, from normal 34mm ring mounting, to S&B Convex rail or Zeiss ZM/VM rail mounting solution. That are the reasons why S&B rifle scopes are so popular among hunters – they can have it made the way they want.

The magnification ring has a full metal construction and goes in 180 degree sweep from minimal to maximal magnification. All lens are fully multi coated, the housing is filled with dry nitrogen for no internal fogging at low temperatures, and are waterproof and shockproof for even the most powerful hunting rifles. All this combined makes the Schmidt & Bender Polar T96 one of the best rifle scopes in the world.

Schmidt & Bender Polar T96 rifle scopes features

  • Reliable mechanics in one-piece housing (shockproof even for the most powerful calibers)
  • Waterproof and dry nitrogen purged for Fogproof use at low temperatures
  • The brightest hunting rifle scope on the world (over 96% light transmission)
  • First focal plane reticles (reticle size change with magnification)
  • Second Focal Plane reticles (reticle size doesn't change with zoom)
  • Multi coated lenses for image brightness and contrast
  • 10 years warranty (additional 20 years for service and maintenance)
  • Variable magnification
  • Short and compact design
  • 2.5-10x50 has a fixed parallax at 100m, other models have a adjustable parallax turret
  • Night time illumination (11 intensity settings)
  • Very big elevation for a hunting scope (100 cm on 100 meter)
  • Lockable BDC turrets (the smalest on the market)
  • Posicon system (indicator for reticle position)
  • 4x zoom ratio


Schmidt & Bender Polar T96 configurations

Mounting of Schmidt & Bender Polar T96 rifle scopes

The Schmidt & Bender Polar T96 rifle scopes can be mounted with 34mm rings, S&B Convex rail mount or with Zeiss ZM/VM rail mounts.


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