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Schmidt & Bender Klassik Rifle Scopes.


Schmidt & Bender Klassik Rifle Scopes description

Schmidt & Bender Klassik Rifle Scopes are the longest produced line of scopes from this company. They are designed for hunters who seek good quality in a traditional construction. They are known to perform well in poor light conditions and dusk or dawn hunting. These scopes are on the market allready for over 50 years. Well tested in use and have a huge base of satisfied customers that can testify for them. The 8x56 model is already a true legend among hunters for twilight use.

All illuminated scopes have 11 adjustable brightnes settings, all for twilight use. On the lowest setting is the illumination so low that you can eaily see your target in low light.

The Illumination turret is on the left side of the scope so it is easy to use when aiming, the turrets are big enough for usage with gloves and the normal turrets feature a posicon system, that allows the hunter to determine the reticle position with viewing the indicator on the turret. All Schmidt & Bender Klassik Rifle Scopes can also be ordered with BDC Turrets.

Schmidt & Bender Klassik Rifle Scopes features

  • Reliable mechanics in one-piece housing (shockproof even for the most powerful calibers)
  • Waterproof and dry nitrogen purged for Fogproof use at low temperatures
  • Parallax free at 100 m (except the S&B 4-16x50 that has a parallax compensation on side focus)
  • First focal plane reticles (reticle size change with magnification)
  • Multi coated lenses for image brightness and contrast
  • 10 years warranty (additional 20 years for service and maintenance)
  • Traditional design (Good choice for older or traditional rifles)
  • Posicon system (indicator for reticle position)
  • Fixed and variable magnification


Schmidt & Bender Klassik configurations

Mounting of S&B Klassik Rifle Scopes

The Schmidt & Bender Klassik Rifle Scopes can be traditionaly mounted with 30mm rings, optionaly some fixed power models with 1 inch rings and this scopes can also be ordered with the LM rail.


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