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Holosun 407C X2

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Holosun 407C X2 Details

About the Holosun 407C

Holosun 407C X2 is a red dot sight from the Reflex series.

The letter 'C' means that the red dot features a solar panel on top of the lens frame – the red dot sight can work without the battery inserted when there is sufficient lighting.

The product features the ShakeAwake function. When left powered on, the red - dot will go from 'active mode' to 'sleep mode' after a while to prevent unnecessary battery drain. Once moved, it will power back on immediately.

This is the third generation of the 407C sights, which replaced the second ‘V2’ generation. The company introduced the button lock mode, now found only on the ‘X2’ models.

The buttons have been reduced to the same size as they were originally, on the first models – Holosun made them smaller again and placed them horizontally.

But as opposed to the first 407C models, the second ‘V2’, and now the third ‘X2’ generation of these Holosun red dot sights have a side battery compartment, as it is no longer positioned on the bottom.

Main features of 407C Holosun red dot

  • red or green illumination dot
  • 2 MOA dot

  • compact, lightweight

  • a solar cell on top of the red dot

  • large buttons for adjusting the illumination intensity
  • perfect for a pistol or a rifle

  • ShakeAwake

  • 12 illumination intensity levels, 2 of them are NVD compatible

  • Parallax free

  • 50.000 hours of battery life

  • Side CR1632 battery compartment

About the Holosun Reflex series

Reflex is one of the red dot sight series made by Holosun. These compact sights are not closed on both sides like the Tube, Infiniti and Paralow series, which is why they are very compact and lightweight (there are some exceptions to this in the Holosun Reflex series – 512T red dot is closed from both sides and thus bigger while 510C is a reflex-type red dot sight of a bigger design). Because of their size, 407C red dot, 507C red dot and 508T red dot are great for mounting on a pistol. But as opposed to the first 407C models, the second V2, and now the third X2 generation of these Holosun red dot sights have a side CR1632 battery compartment (it is no longer positioned on the bottom).. The click value for the elevation and windage adjustments is 0.5 MOA.

These durable red dot sights feature a single-piece housing made out of aluminum. Altogether, there are 12 illumination intensity levels to choose from, 2 of which are NVD compatible. The battery life is 50.000 hours.

About the 407C model family

The 407C red dot sight is one of the model families in the Reflex series. The first number '4' in its name suggests that it features a 2 MOA dot.

Mounting details of 407C MOA red dot

Holosun 407C X2 MOA red dot has a Trijicon RMR footprint for mounting purposes. To get more information on Trijicon RMR mounting standard, read our article Footprints/Mounting Standards on Red Dot Sights.

Warranty on Holosun "407C" red dot sights

The warranty on Holosun's reflex red dot is 3 years on the material and on the electronics.

For more information regarding the Holosun symbols, check our blog post.

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Holosun 407C X2 Specifications

Dot sight seriesHolosun Reflex
Made inChina
In production since2014
Warranty3 years
Click Value 28mm/100m - 1MOA
Windage - mrad. 14.53mrad
Windage - MOA.50MOA
Reticle position No
Reticle illumination Yes
Usable at daytime Yes
Automatic Turn Off Yes
Size of Dot.2MOA
Adju. intensityYes, manual
Intensity controlPush Button
Parallax setting Parallax-free
Length.45 mm
Width.29 mm
Height.29 mm
Working temperature range-30℃~60℃
Power Supply UnitCR1632
Battery lifespan.50000h
Filled with -
Lens coatings Multicoated
Mounting StandardTrijicon RMR
Mount type - IntegratedNone
Mount length.0mm
Size of window16x23 mm
Dot Sight TypeReflex sight
Water proof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Shock proofYes
Type of mount rail No


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