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Holosun Infiniti Red Dot Sights

Holosun Infiniti is a special red dot sight series which looks quite uncommon at first glance. When you take a look at one of the models, you immediately get an association that the device looks like a prism scope.

All of the Infiniti red dot sights are supplied with a quick release (QR) Picatinny mount. At the moment, there are four model families – 401, 402, 501 and 502. Models within each of the model families have various letters in their names (D, C, CU, R5, G5, G5-U) which indicate a presence of a certain feature. Devices with letter C in their names are solar powered. However, the solar panel on model 402C is much smaller than the one on model 502C. Models which feature the letter U in their name have shrouded windage and elevation turrets which offer protection against potential damage. The model with letter D in the name has the illumination control system positioned on top of the device (in the same position where model C features a solar panel). Acronym R5 means that the device has a visible red laser while the acronym G5 stands for the green laser which is visible to the human eye. All Infiniti red dot sights are parallax free.

Each model works on a CR2032 battery which provides 50.000 hours of battery life. The ones with the letter ‘C’ can work on solar power thank to the cell, installed on the housing. The user can choose for the sight to be powered by both the solar cell and the battery or by solar cell only.

Every Infiniti model has the battery tray located in the exact same position (right side) which is not the case with the models from the Paralow series. Value of clicks is ½ MOA for windage and elevation adjustments. Models from the model family 401 and 402 feature a 2 MOA central dot, while the devices from the model families 501 and 502 allow the user to switch between a 2 MOA central dot and a 2 MOA central dot surrounded by a 65 MOA circle. Every device also offers plenty of illumination levels, 2 of which are night vision compatible.

Video presentation of Holosun Infiniti series








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