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Holosun Tube Red Dot Sights

Tube series made by Holosun is easily recognizable by their extended ring mount for the Picatinny rail. Compared to the Infiniti series, the Tube serious offer more versatility when it comes to mounting (this red dot optic has a standard 30 mm body and comes with a 30 mm cantilever ring that can be removed and replaced with any other 30 mm mount, whereas Infiniti is limited to the QD mount for Picatinny rail). This is a great choice for an AR platform, but can also be mounted on a standard rifle.

These LED technology red dot sights are powered by a single CR2032 battery which provides 50.000 hours of battery life. The ones with the letter ‘C’ can work on solar power thanks to the cell, installed on the housing. The user can choose for the sight to be powered by both the solar cell and the battery or by solar cell only.

There are only three models in this series which are 406A, 406C and 506. In general terms, these optical products are very much like one another with minor differences (406C comes with a solar panel while 406A is without it (406A also comes with bigger illumination intensity regulating buttons that produce quieter sounds than the ones on 406C). Additionally, 406A and C come with a 2 MOA central single dot reticle while with 506 the user can switch between a 2 MOA dot and a 2 MOA dot surrounded by a 65 MOA circle (circle dot). The 506 model does not feature a solar panel.

There are plenty of illumination intensity levels to choose from, 2 of which are night vision compatible. Holosun Tube series features the Shake awake function. When not used for a while, the dot will enter sleep mode. When the device is moved again, it will switch back to active mode in an instant (it will power back on). Especially intriguing and useful option with Holosun Tube red dot sights is the ability to set the time after which the device goes into sleep mode. If you press the + button for 10 seconds, you enter the sleep adjustment mode. You set the time by pressing the + button (1=10 min, 2=1h, 3=12h and option 4 to disable the sleep mode).

All Tube models come with objective and eyepiece flip up covers which can be removed at any time. With model 506 which is designed with a 65 MOA circle, you also have an option to turn the circle off to save battery life by pressing the – button for 3 seconds. Devices are water resistant (IP67) and parallax free.

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