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Nitehog Chameleon X-core TIR-M35

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Nitehog Chameleon X-core TIR-M35 Details

  • The Nitehog Chameleon Plus x- core TIR M35 Thermal Imaging Clip-on is a robust, well-made device that is produced in Europe.

  • The device has a five-year warranty and is built with great quality.

  • The eyepiece provides a great image and the battery pack that comes with the Nitehog device is very beneficial.

  • The device is expensive compared to other competitors and does not support wifi.

Nitehog Chameleon Thermal imaginig Clip-on series

Nitehog was founded in Bulgaria, but have recently been based in Berlin, Germany. Nitehog’s Caiman and Chameleon devices are nearly identical save for the fact that the lens on Cayman is 50 millimeters rather than 35 millimeters.

Every aspect of the device is well-made, and the focusing ring is both sturdy and easy to use. There is no Wi-Fi capabilities but the device has an external video output.

Even if you are using glasses, you will have no problems using the device as a monocular. The adapter ring is compatible with any standard clip-on attachments that have a 52mm objective thread and must be acquired separately. In the eyepiece, there is no lens inside, it's just a rubber that you're able to press to your face.

Physical Propeties

The Nitehog Chameleon Plus x-core TIR M35 is made from magnesium and weighs 500 grams.

The Chameleon thermal clip-on's advantage is its wide field of view, which measures 31 meters at 100 meters.

The Nitehog Chameleon has an automatic turn-off ability, as well as a position sensor within it that allows it to automatically switch off when you lay the device down.

The battery life is around four hours, which is more than sufficient. The Nitehog Chameleon Plus x- core TIR M35 device has a startup time of around six seconds.

There are three buttons on the top of the device for accessing the menu. The ON/OFF switch allows you to toggle the device on or off with ease. You can set all the normal functions like brightness, color mode, contrast, and so on. Scrolling down the menu you're also able to zero the device.


There is a French-made Lynred Amorphous silicate sensor with 640x480 pixels, which means the distance between two pixels is 17 microns. There is a 35-millimeter objective lens with an aperture of F 1.2 in front of the sensor.

The refresh rate is 50 Hertz. Most thermal devices don't have a sensor like this one - they usually feature Vox sensor.

Nitehog Chameleon boasts three calibration modes - manual, semi-automatic and automatic. For hunting or shooting, it is better to have the device set to semiautomatic. This allows the user more control over when calibration occurs so that it doesn't interfere with taking the shot.


The device features a 640x480 pixels sensor and has an 800x600 AMOLED display, which works down to minus 25 degrees. The image quality is quite decent, especially if you're using scopes with up to 3,5x magnification. There is quite a big screen inside of this device.

What’s in the box?

  • a casing made of high-quality plastic
  • real leather pouch for the device
  • an extensive manual
  • a ring adapter


The Chameleon device comes with a five-year warranty, which is uncommon for thermal products. Given that it's made in the EU and its service is also based there, the extended warranty is a big selling point.

Nitehog Chameleon X-core TIR-M35 Specifications

Thermal Clip-On SeriesNitehog Chameleon
Made inGermany
In production since2021
Warranty5 years
Variable magnification No
Magnification. 1x
Min. magnification.1x
Max. magnification.4x
Diopter adjustment No
Lens size diameter. 35 mm
Field of view - FOV... 536m/1000m
Field of view (angular). 31.4°
Minimal field of view...0m/1000m
Maximal field of view...536m/1000m
Eye relief distance. 0mm
Closest focusing distance. 0m
Lens apertureF 1.2
Detection Range.978m
Type of Thermal sensorNo
Resolution of Thermal sensor640x480
Thermal sensor pixel count.0.31MP
Pixel pitch.17μm
NETD -Noise Equivalent Temp. Difference.0mK
Refresh Rate.50Hz
Calibration method -
Temperature sensitivity.0mK
Type of display AMOLED
Screen Resolution 800x600
Display pixel count.0.48MP
Image capturingYes
Resolution of an image600x800
Recording videoNo
Video resolutionNo
Output - videoNo
Length.172 mm
Width.69 mm
Height.71 mm
Working temperature rangeNo
Power Supply UnitNo
Battery lifespan.4h
Filled with Nitrogen
Bayonet standardNo
Mounting StandardNo
Water proof Yes
Fogproof No
Automatic Turn Off Yes
Tripod compliantNo
Built-in Compass No
Built in Range finderYes
Image stabilization (IS) No
Auto-Brightness Control (ABC) No


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