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Docter ED Binoculars.


Description of DOCTER ED Binoculars

In June 2010 German Docter presented two ED models with 42 mm and one with 56 mm objective lenses. This series have open-hinge design that makes binoculars hand friendly and low-dispersion glass (ED) that eliminates distortions that can occur on the glass surfaces offers high-quality performance. They are multi-coated with DOCTER® multitop antireflection layers. You can choose between 8x42, 10x42 and 8x56 ED/OH configuration that have a Scmidt-Pechan roof prism design and very good protective features due to nitrogen filled construction to eliminate internal condensation and tight seals, making DOCTER ED impervious to water, dust and dirt.


Important features

DOCTER ED binoculars have incredible ergonomic design and protection features. Very hand friendly open-bridge design makes them very comfortable to hold in hands with wrap-around setting. The smallest models are both lightweight with 67’ and 680 grams. You can easily hold them with just one hand and make focus adjustments at the same time. Very grippy central focus wheel has a 540 degree of the full turn and is very smooth. To eliminate differences, you may have in your eyesight, you can use the right-eye diopter ring on the upper side of the barrel. You can easily make adjustments without taking off your gloves, very convenient when using them in harsh weather conditions. When facing extreme terrain, it’s very important for your binoculars to have good protection. These very handy binoculars are enclosed in thick black rubber armor that is rugged and prevents a non-slip grip. DOCTER ED is also tightly sealed to prevent moisture, dust, and other particles to enter the construction and damage optics and makes them submersible to a water depth of 1 meter. It is also filled with nitrogen gas that helps to eliminate internal condensation due to sudden temperature fluctuations, very convenient especially when observing during dawn and dusk. No internal fogging helps you with clear viewing which comes in handy when you have to quickly follow the target. Wider field of view will also allow you to follow and stay on the fast moving game, especially convenient for watchers that observes small birds. They also have a screw for mounting them to a tripod to get proper steady images.


Optical properties



DOCTER ED binoculars provide high-quality performance at affordable price. Extra-low dispersion glass that eliminates dispersion of colors, minimizes fringing and glare throughout the visual spectrum and provides vibrant colors. Glass surfaces are multi-coated with layers of DOCTER® multitop, that has an anti-reflective ability. It eliminates the amount of undesirable reflections such as ghosting and glint coming off the lenses. It also enhances light transmission rate and makes brilliant contrast.

Eyecups are rubberized to provide you with comfortable look-through and have a three click-stops, very convenient for setting a proper eye-relief if you are a glass wearer.



DOCTER ED binoculars are equipped with neck strap, rain-guards, objective lens covers that aren’t tethered and neoprene case for storage and protection.


Features of DOCTER ED Binoculars

  • Multi-coated (DOCTER®multitop)
  • ED Glass
  • Phase Correction
  • Prism Coatings
  • Schmidt-Bender Prisms
  • BaK-4 Prisms
  • Rugged Rubber Armoring
  • Multi-positioned Eyecups
  • Central Focus Wheel
  • Left-eye Diopter
  • Wider FOV
  • Tripod Mountable
  • Waterproof and Fog-proof


Accessories of DOCTER ED Binoculars

  • Neck Strap
  • Rain-guards
  • Objective Lens Covers
  • Protective Case
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth


Available models of DOCTER ED Binoculars

 Docter ED 8x42

 Short-range, daytime observation model

 Docter ED 10x42

 Long-range, daytime observation model

 Docter ED/OH 8x56

 Short-range, low-light observation model


Warranty Terms and Conditions

DOCTER gives 30 years of warranty for its sports optics. The company repairs or replaces damaged products, without charge - covering defects in materials and workmanship.

You can learn more about our own warranty policy on the following link: https://www.optics-trade.eu/en/warranty-policy.html

No matter what happens to your binoculars, we will be here to help you.


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