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Docter Sport Optics

Docter Optics with headquarters in Eisfeld, Germany is one of the leading in optical industry. The company is a first-class reference in biometrics, printing technology, solar energy, machine vision, aviation, automotive illumination and offers wide range of sports optic products. Docter is a part of Analytic Jena Group that is subsidiary of Carl Zeiss AG before WWII, taken over by Bernhard Docter in 1990s.

In sports optics Docter offers wide range of premium binoculars, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, red dot sights, night vision monoculars and other accessories. The company DOCTERsight is well known all over the world and helped to expand all the vision products in the past. The glass used by Docter devices is precisely made with innovative technology to provide bright-molded aspheric lenses. They also use DOCTERmultitop coatings for brilliant contrast and DOCTERmulticlean coating that repels water. The company guarantees the best quality and continuity of all their products that have improved resistance ability, multipositioned eyepieces in binoculars, variable magnification and many centered reticles for riflescopes. The company’s goal is to expand and invest into skilled workers that would continue to follow and refine their products to meet any demands of users from hunting, bird watching and tactical applications.


Docter Rifle Scopes Series

Docter Red Dot Sights Series

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