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InfiRay CML25 Thermal Imaging

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InfiRay CML25 Thermal Imaging Details

  • The Infiray CML25 is an excellent thermal imaging device for its compact size and user-friendly interface.

  • It has a simple button press system that makes it easy to adjust and customize settings, ensuring a great user experience.

  • The image quality is exceptional considering its small size, while the eyepiece concept allows you to use it as either a monocular or as a thermal imager.

  • The battery life is decent, providing a few hours of usage before needing to be recharged. It does require a reducing ring for proper operation though, which means it can no longer serve as a monocular.

  • Infiray CML25 offers great value for money considering the features and performance it provides. For hunters looking for an affordable yet powerful thermal imaging solution that won't break their budget, this device is worth considering.

Infiray thermal imaging devices

Infiray is a Chinese manufacturer of thermal optics and one of the biggest in the world. They are particularly strong in Europe, where they compete with Pulsar and Nitehog. Recently, Steiner, Leica, and Zeiss have joined the market as well, but need more time to improve their products.

Physical Properties of Infiray CML25

The Infiray CML25 is a small thermal device constructed of magnesium housing weighing almost 290 grams. It is 13 centimeters long, 7 millimeters high and 4.5 centimeters wide with features such as a sleep mode and an automatic calibration mode to provide environmental protection against water (not suitable for submerging). It is much lighter than the Nitehog Viper in size, with the latter having a bigger objective lens.

The Infiray CML25 can be powered by either CR123A or 16650 batteries, which will both last around two hours.

Vanadium oxide sensors have a resolution of 384x288 and a pixel pitch of 17 microns, with a 50 Hz refresh rate. The NETD is 40 milliKelvin, which reflects the device's ability to detect fine temperature differences.

The CML25 thermal device has an OLED screen with a resolution of 1024x768, and it works in low temperatures. It is made to be used as a clip-on device and its size is smaller than traditional monoculars.

The CML25 device has only one button to control all its functions, similar to Pulsar Quantum devices. This button is of excellent quality, providing crisp clicks and enabling the user to turn the device on or off and toggle between choices with a short or long press.

The CML25 has Bluetooth connectivity which is claimed by Infrays, however, it has no internal memory and we cannot find a way to connect it to the phone.

To use the CML25, a reducing ring is needed to change its mounting thread from M30 to 55-millimeter. The ring comes with the package, and additional adaptors can be purchased from Smartclip or Rusan.

Using CML25 as a monocular or clip-on

The CML25 device can be used as either a monocular or a clip-on and has a mounting point for attaching to helmets. Its mode must be chosen in the menu.

Optical Properties

The CML25 is a 25-millimeter objective lens with 1x magnification and F1 fast aperture, allowing for a field of view of 260 meters on 1000 meters. It offers detection at distances of up to 900 meters and five color modes with adjustable focus, making it suitable for those who wear glasses.

What's in the box?

  1. carrying back, which it's nicely made,

  2. the charging cable, and

  3. the reducing ring.


The CML25 is a Chinese-made device that comes with a three-year warranty.

InfiRay CML25 Thermal Imaging Specifications

Thermal Clip-On SeriesInfiRay Clip M
Made inChina
In production sinceNo
Warranty2 years
Variable magnification No
Magnification. 1x
Min. magnification.1x
Max. magnification.1x
Diopter adjustment No
Lens size diameter. 25 mm
Field of view - FOV... 259m/1000m
Field of view (angular). 14.9°
Minimal field of view...0m/1000m
Maximal field of view...0m/1000m
Eye relief distance. 0mm
Closest focusing distance. 0m
Lens apertureNo
Detection Range.916m
Type of Thermal sensorNo
Resolution of Thermal sensor384x288
Thermal sensor pixel count.0.11MP
Pixel pitch.17μm
NETD -Noise Equivalent Temp. Difference.40mK
Refresh Rate.50Hz
Calibration method -
Temperature sensitivity.0mK
Type of display OLED
Screen Resolution 1024×768
Display pixel count.0.79MP
Image capturingNo
Resolution of an imageNo
Recording videoNo
Video resolutionNo
Output - videoNo
Length.125 mm
Width.70 mm
Height.48 mm
Working temperature rangeNo
Power Supply UnitCR123
Battery lifespan.4h
Filled with No
Bayonet standardNo
Mounting StandardNo
Water proof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Automatic Turn Off No
Tripod compliantNo
Built-in Compass Yes
Built in Range finderNo
Image stabilization (IS) No
Auto-Brightness Control (ABC) No


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