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Pulsar Optics

PULSAR is part of Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide, with its head office located in Lithuania (European Union). Based in the North-Eastern part of Europe, they are constantly inspired by the surrounding nature, green woods, endless meadows, and calming rivers of this land. Yet they are driven by the passion to see what is beyond the visible, to reach for the invisible, and to make a sight an unforgettable moment. 

Pulsar Axion 2 LRF XQ35

Pulsar Proton XQ30

PULSAR is the top worldwide brand of thermal and digital day & night vision imaging devices, becoming a trend-setter and innovation leader in the sector. They proudly carry the Made in Europe flag. The majority of PULSAR advanced devices are developed, designed, manufactured, packed, and sent out to their worldwide distributors from their factories in Europe for civilian use only.

Being a hi-tech company, Pulsar strives for innovation and novelties in every next step of theirs. They look for new ways to upgrade and use the most advanced technologies to experience the natural world and empower outdoor adventurers around the world.

Pulsar develops optics and electro-optics with enhanced functionality for both professional and leisure adventures. In-house produced firmware and software guarantee optimization and essential quality of their devices. Through continuous technological innovation, Pulsar seeks to enhance human abilities and provide one’s mastery and greater success in unfavorable nature conditions. 

Their thermal imaging and night vision devices are used in almost all countries and continents by a wide community of:

  • Hunters

  • Fishermen and -women

  • Animal & nature research observers

  • Rescuers

  • Outdoor enthusiasts


Pulsar Digi NV Riflescopes Series

Pulsar Digi NV Clip-On Series

Pulsar Thermal Monoculars Series

Pulsar Thermal Clip-On Series

Pulsar Thermal Riflescopes Series

Pulsar Thermal Binoculars Series

Pulsar Mount Series

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