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Yukon Sport Optics

Yukon is a joint business venture of friends from Lithuania. As a stand-alone company they were founded in 1998 but today they continue their work in the field of night vision and thermal optics as a subsidiary of Pulsar.

Pulsar is a joint business venture of friends from Belarus. They entered the market with the launch of wooden binoculars in 1995.

Pulsar were the ones who introduced the 1st generation of night vision to civilian audiences. Although the initial technology was already considered somewhat obsolete on the military market, the use of NV optical devices still meant an incredible step-forward for an ordinary hunter.

The pioneering spirit and fast recognition of newest trends quickly separated Pulsar from their competitors in the Eastern Europe. They were one of the first brands to recognize the incredible potential of the newly-employed digital technology in the field of night optics. While most Pulsar’s rivals continued to build their production around analog devices, Pulsar already made the shift to digital variants. The first launch of digital scopes and clip-on adapters was very well received by the market. These products where soon followed by a whole line-up of similar models.

The rapid growth of Pulsar undoubtedly benefited from acquiring two smaller brands, Newton Sport Optics and a Lithuanian manufacturer Yukon. The latter continues to operate as a subsidiary brand. Although Yukon devices do not belong in the same group as Pulsar’s quality-wise, they nonetheless remain very marketable.

Today, Pulsar employs about 935 people and is one of the most profitable brands in the industry on the whole, not just the night vision niche.


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Yukon Jaeger 3-12x56-X01i

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Yukon Jaeger 3-12x56

Yukon Jaeger 3-12x56, X01i - USED

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