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Infiray CML25 Thermal Imaging Review | Optics Trade Reviews

The CML25 is a thermal clip-on device manufactured by Infiray, also known as IRay. It was released in 2021 and is part of the company’s ‘M’ series.

InfiRay CML25
InfiRay CML25 thermal clip-on

Infiray thermal imaging devices

Infiray, which is based in China, is one of the largest manufacturers of thermal optics globally. Some of their biggest competitors are Hikmicro, Guide, Dali, and other similar brands. They have been gaining strength in Europe where they compete with Pulsar and Nitehog among others.

Although companies like Steiner, Leica, and Zeiss have recently joined the market, I think that they all need a bit more time to improve their thermal imaging products.

Interested in Infiray thermal imaging devices?

Physical Properties of Infiray CML25

The Infiray CML25 is a small thermal device constructed of magnesium housing. Despite its small appearance, it weighs almost 290 grams. As a result, despite its compact size, it is rather hefty. The device’s dimensions are 13 centimeters in length, 7 millimeters in height, and 4.5 centimeters in width.

CML25 features a sleep mode and an automatic calibration mode. It is a sturdy and well-made product that features IP66 environmental protection. It can resist water but should not be submerged.

The CML25 is very compact and lightweight, similar to the Nighthawk Viper in this way.

InfiRay CML25
InfiRay CML25 thermal clip-on


CML25 is usually powered by CR123A batteries, but Infiray claims that 16650 batteries work just as well. If you’re using a CR 123A battery, the device will last for about two hours.

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InfiRay CML25
InfiRay CML25 battery compartment

Start-Up time

The startup time of the device is approximately six and a half seconds, with a ready-to-use time of around eight seconds.

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Adapter thread

Because the CML25’s mounting thread is M30, you’ll need to use a reducing ring to change it to a conventional 52-millimeter thread. The reducing ring is included in the package. You will acquire an adaptor from either Smartclip or Rusan to connect the clip-on and your riflescope.

InfiRay CML25
InfiRay CML25 with a reducing ring

Thermal Sensor properties

The resolution of the vanadium oxide sensor is 384×288. It has 17 microns of pixel pitch and a 50 Hz refresh rate. The NETD, or the smallest temperature difference that the device can indicate between two points of different temperatures, is 40 mK. That number reflects how well you can distinguish details when looking through the device.


The CML25 thermal device has an OLED screen which gives you a resolution of 1024×768. It also works in temperatures as low as minus 20°C. Do keep in mind, however, that the screen is much smaller than with traditional monoculars since it’s meant to be used as a clip-on device too.

Control button

The most interesting thing about CML25 is that it only has one button to control all its functions. To navigate between different functions, you press the button and then rotate it. You can also turn the device off or on with this same button. This makes it similar in design to Pulsar Quantum devices which also had only one button for controlling every function as well.

The button is of excellent quality. The clicks are crisp, extremely audible, and tactile. And I like the concept of toggling between all the choices with a short press and a long press, as well as rotating the button. It performs flawlessly, at least for me.

InfiRay CML25
InfiRay CML25 main control button

CML25 Bluetooth connectivity

I highly doubt that this device can take videos or photos, as it has no internal memory. Infrays claims that the CML25 has Bluetooth connectivity, but I tried and couldn’t find any way to connect it with my phone. If there is a way and I’m just not seeing it, please let me know in the comments section.

Using CML25 as a monocular or clip-on

When you put on the eyepiece, the CML25 device becomes a monocular. It may also be used as a clip-on. In the menu, you must choose between monocular mode and clip-on mode. The device also has a mounting point for attaching the CML25 to the helmet.

InfiRay CML25
InfiRay CML25 with an eyepiece

Optical Properties

The CML25 features a 25-millimeter objective lens with 1x magnification and an F1 fast aperture. This CML25 has a field of view of 260 meters on 1000 meters, making it ideal for helmet usage. The distance at which it can detect objects is approximately 900 meters. It features five color modes. The focus is nicely adjustable. Even if you wear glasses, the CML25 is a great option.

Scope of delivery

The Infiray CML25 includes the following items:

  1. carrying back, which it’s nicely made,
  2. the charging cable, and
  3. the reducing ring.

InfiRay CML25
InfiRay CML25 scope of delivery

You may also purchase the following accessories for this clip-on:

  1. CR123 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

Infiray CML25 warranty and price

The Infiray CML25 is a Chinese-made device that comes with a three-year warranty. It was introduced in 2021 at a price of 3000 euros, but prices in the thermal market are constantly changing, so by 2023 it may be below 2000 euros. Thermal devices tend to fluctuate in price more than conventional optics.


The CML25 thermal clip-on’s build quality is what I appreciate the most. It’s ideal, in my opinion. It also appears to be quite similar to military devices. Also, how the focusing knob works is fascinating.

It’s small and light, fitting in any pocket. The image quality is excellent for such a compact device.

The eyepiece concept is great–a small rubber piece that you attach to the thread. However, it would be even better if you didn’t have to screw it on.

I’m a fan of the innovative idea behind this product, which is unlike anything else offered by Infiray. I appreciate their creativity and ambition to think outside the box rather than making all clip-ons identical based only on different sensors and lenses.

The single button that makes managing everything much easier. Just rotate and push the button to control all your settings- it’s a very good solution.

Pros summary:

  1. The build quality is excellent and very similar to military devices
  2. Image quality is excellent for such a compact device
  3. The eyepiece concept is great; however, it would be better if it didn’t have to be screwed on
  4. A single button makes managing all the settings much easier

InfiRay CML25
InfiRay CML25 thermal clip-on


What are the drawbacks of this device? The Infiray device’s batteries are terrible in comparison to other models on the market. They’re hard to change quickly, and you must rotate the cap. Comparing Infiray’s solution with Pulsar’s, it falls significantly short.

I don’t appreciate that the CML25 doesn’t have Wi-Fi or smartphone connectivity. I think that by 2022, all devices should be able to take images and videos.

CML25 also has the inconvenience of requiring a reducing ring, which means you can no longer use it as a monocular. I think that it would be more beneficial if all thermal devices were designed with a 52-millimeter thread.

Cons summary:

  1. The batteries are hard to change quickly
  2. No Wi-Fi or smartphone connectivity
  3. A reducing ring is required

InfiRay CML25
InfiRay CML25 thermal clip-on

Infiray CML25 vs Pulsar Proton

The Infiray CML25 costs 2,360 euros while the Pulsar Proton has a price tag of 2,490 euros. With an exchangeable battery, the Proton is somewhat larger and nicer in terms of design and build quality than the CML 25.

CML25’s primary advantage is its adjustable focus, which slightly increases image quality. Pulsar is a great choice too–it’s made in Europe with excellent build quality–but it has a fixed focus. If size and weight are your priorities, go with the CML25; however, if the adjustable focus isn’t as important to you, then Pulsar Proton would be the better option.

Pulsar Proton XQ30
Pulsar Proton XQ30

Infiray CML25 vs Nitehog Viper

The Nitehog Viper is a very close competitor, with similar size and weight. The battery on the Viper is superior to that on the CML25. However, both devices are oriented toward more traditional hunters who don’t need Wi-Fi capabilities or other smart features.

The Viper is superior in terms of image quality, but it costs 740 euros more. It all comes down to personal preference. The Viper is superior if you care about image quality. If you value compactness, the CML25 is the way to go. The eyepiece on the Viper is also much simpler and quicker to attach and remove. Another advantage of the Nitehog Viper is that it’s made in Europe.

Nitehog Viper
Nitehog Viper

Infiray CML25 vs Hikmicro TH35C

Hikmicro TH35C is a different sort of thermal device. It’s 160 euros less expensive and has better image quality, but it’s significantly larger, bulkier, and heavier than the Infiray CML25, with a more complicated system for attaching adapters.

Hikmicro Thunder TH35C
Hikmicro Thunder TH35C

Final thoughts

Overall, the Infiray CML25 is a great compact thermal device with simple user interface. Although it has some drawbacks in terms of battery life and image quality when compared to other models on the market, it still offers excellent value for the price. Additionally, it requires a reducing ring, which means you can no longer use it as a monocular.

It offers many features and settings that are adjustable with just the press of a button. The image quality is excellent for such a compact device, and the eyepiece concept is great.

In general, I think that if you’re looking to purchase a small, compact thermal device with a simple user interface, the CML25 is exactly what you’re searching for.

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