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If you wish to keep on track with our activity, you can follow us on several social media sites.


We manage five Facebook profiles, each for a certain target audience. The profile is meant for hunters. The content that we post on it is hunting-related, encompassing novelties in hunting from around the world with a focus on optics and rifle mounts, interesting facts, reports from hunting events, and much more. If you are an avid sport- or tactical shooter, then our Optics Trade – Shooting and Tactical profile is the right pick. Here we provide our followers with useful data from the field of optics, mounts, and rifles from the tactical section. From time to time, we post interesting facts and videos on the topic as well. For outdoor and marine enthusiasts, we’ve created the Optics Trade – Birding, Nature & Marine profile. The content posted here encompasses everything related to nature, sea, and mountains, with a focus on the use of optics in these environments. Birdwatchers, sailors, and hikers are the target audience of this profile. For the astronomy aficionados, the Optics Trade – Astronomy profile is the right address. On our Optics Info Facebook profile, you will find links to our blogs and the correspondent photo galleries.


We have divided our Instagram profiles in a similar manner – huntingoutdoorastronomy and tactical.


Our company is highly active in the writing of articles, focusing on the topics linked to sports optics and rifle mounts. We post the content on several websites. The first one is Optics Info, a place where you can find descriptions and photos of the newly presented products, exhibited at fairs such as Shot Show and IWA. Sometimes, we review the products we reckon deserve more attention, even though they might have been in production for quite a while. The content on this website is in English. Optik Info is the Slovene equivalent of Optics-Info – everything posted here is in Slovene. Along with the articles on new products, we post products manuals and invitations to shooting competitions/events in Slovenia on this website. Here, you will also find reports from various shooting-related events, and a glossary of most commonly used terms from the fields of sports optics and rifle mounts. Optics Trade Blog is where we post transcriptions of the debates found on our Youtube channel, product manuals, and optics buying guides. A glossary of the most common terms from the fields of sports optics and rifle mounts is also on this website. Everything on this blog is in English.


We put a lot of effort into expanding our Youtube channel, which already has more than 14 Million views. The videos that we film are divided into formats: Buying Guides, Reviews, Debates, Roundtables, In the Field, See Through, IWA Reports, Reticle Subtensions. We believe that our Youtube channel has great potential, so we invest a lot of time and effort into filming video content.

Other platforms

Optics Trade is active on Pinterest. Our company is the only one in this industry with more than 1500 Pinterest boards.

We have the largest Flickr gallery in the field of sports optics.

We use the PodBean platform to upload our ‘Optics-trade debates’ in the form of podcasts.

All the instruction manuals that we post are additionally uploaded on in the PowerPoint form. With more than 1600 instruction manuals (and similar documents) uploaded, we boast the biggest collection of this sort in the sports optics industry. All the files are kept on our server in the .pdf form.