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InfiRay CML25 – Real Start Up Time

You can watch how this device performed below

Start Up Time: 6.508 seconds

Ready to Use Time: 8.29 seconds

InfiRay CML25


  Time #1 Time #2 Time #3 Time #4 Time #5 Average Time Standard Deviation
Start up Time 6.52 6.50 6.52 6.48 6.52 6.508 0.0179
Ready To Use Time 8.48 8.16 8.12 8.21 8.48 8.29 0.1764

InfiRay CML25
InfiRay CML25

Our Observations

With Infiray CML25, the user has to long-press the on/off button for approximately 2 seconds until the manufacturer’s logo appears. The start-up timer was stopped at approximately 6.51 seconds, which is when the image appears. We pressed the menu button as soon as the logo comes into view to accurately portray the ready-to-use time, which was on average 8.29 seconds.

This device is very small, probably one of the smallest clip-ons. It only features one button, which is used for turning on/off the device, and as a menu button. You can access different menus/features, depending on the duration you hold the button for. You can rotate it as well, to adjust the settings. The rotations are audible, as you can hear the clicks when turning the button.

For the Infiray CML25, we used the generic insertable batteries, from the Panasonic brand. The device supports 3V disposable batteries, and 3.7V rechargeable batteries (16340 or 16650 type). For this testing, we used the Panasonic CR123, 3V batteries. Please note that the results might vary if you use different ones.

Do you need a spare battery?

Panasonic Batteries

Infiray Xclip CH250 also has a Standby option, which is a remarkably useful battery-saving feature. You must rotate the button to access the Standby mode.

To turn off the device, you must hold the on/off button, until it turns off.

Want to know how long the battery lasts?

Check out the real battery life of this device

Specifications provided by the Manufacturer

Name InfiRay CML25
Made in China
In production since /
Start-up time /
Battery life 4 hours
Battery Type CR123
Removable battery Yes

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