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Thermal Imaging - News


Firmware update 3.1.001

Firmware Update for Thermion 2 LRF XQ50 Pro…

BYGaber BobekJul 18, 2023

Pulsar announced the update for two of their riflescopes, namely Thermion 2 LRF XQ50 Pro and Thermion 2 LRF XG50…

ThermTec Nord Vidar Thermal Riflescopes

ThermTec Nord Vidar Thermal Riflescopes

BYAndraž GradišnikMay 26, 2023

Introduction At IWA 2023, we decided to stop by the ThermTec Nord company's booth. We'd heard quite a bit of…

Heimdall Fokus X 350

Heimdall Introduces Fokus X 350 Thermal Monocular

BYGaber BobekMay 19, 2023

Each year, IWA OutdoorClassics brings together enthusiasts and industry leaders from the world of outdoor sports, hunting, and shooting. At…

Pard FT-34 Multi-Function Thermal Scope at IWA 2023: side view

New from Pard: The new Pard FT-34 Multi-Function…

BYTilenMay 11, 2023

Introduction During our visit to the IWA 2023 event, we stopped by Pard's booth to take a closer look at…

The New Pard TS34/36 Thermal Riflescopes (LRF)

The New Pard TS34/36 Thermal Riflescopes (LRF)

BYTilenMay 11, 2023

Introduction It looks like Pard is intensifying the competition in the thermal riflescopes market. At the recent IWA 2023, we…

Pard TA-LRF thermal monocular

Pard TA32 LRF & TA62 LRF

BYAndraž GradišnikMay 5, 2023

Pard presents TA-LRF thermal monoculars At the IWA event last year, we had a chance to examine PARD's TA series…

Senopex TITAN

Senopex TITAN Uncooled Multifunctional Thermal Binoculars

BYGaber BobekApr 26, 2023

The Senopex company was established by a team of experts in 2005 and has since made quite a name for…