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Rome firearm accessories

Rome Firearm Accessories

BYGaber BobekApr 24, 2023

Victrix Armaments is an Italian company primarily known for producing premium quality long-range shooting bolt action rifles which gained a…

EAW’s New One-Piece Tactical Mount

EAW’s New Tactical Mount Series

BYGaber BobekApr 12, 2023

Late to the Party EAW has been a well-known name in the scope mounts industry for over a hundred years,…

EAW 3-D Ultralight Titanium Mount

EAW 3D Titanium Scope Mount

BYGaber BobekApr 12, 2023

Setting the Standard Despite their late entry into the tactical mounts market, the EAW has been a pioneer in the…

6-48 vs 8-40 screws on savage axis

Savage Rifle Screw Size Guide: How to Identify…

BYTilen MatkovičJan 31, 2023

Recently, Savage made a change to the screw size used in some of their rifles. Starting sometime in 2020, instead…

Round-Back vs Flat-Back Savage Model 110

The Difference Between Flat-Back and Round-Back Savage Model…

BYTilen MatkovičJan 31, 2023

Savage Model 110 is a classic and popular rifle among hunters and shooters, but when it comes to mounting a…

Savage AccuTrigger thumbnail

What is a Savage AccuTrigger?

BYTilen MatkovičJan 31, 2023

AccuTrigger is a trigger system developed by Savage Arms that allows shooters to easily adjust the pull-weight of their rifle’s…


What is Savage AccuStock?

BYTilen MatkovičJan 31, 2023

A visual representation of the aluminum chassis in the Savage AccuStock (Source: Savage Arms YouTube channel) The AccuStock is a…