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Rusan Modular Fixed Adapter

At this year’s IWA 2024 fair in Nuremberg, Germany, our team stopped by our friends at the Rusan booth to learn more about their latest products. This was also their first year attending the fair as exhibitors, which we were happy to see since our partnership with the company has a solid foundation. At this year’s IWA fair, Rusan unveiled the fixed design of their modular adapter for clip-on systems and new Picatinny scope mount rings.

New Line of Modular Adapters From Rusan

The ‘new’ line of adapters isn’t entirely new in terms of the product concept. Rusan has been producing their line of modular adapters for a while, but until now, they featured a Quick-Detachable lever mechanism. The updated version of the adapter now comes in a fixed configuration, meaning it can be attached to scopes using three screws that are tightened with the appropriate tool.

Rusan Modular Fixed Adapter

While there is nothing wrong with the original lever design, which works perfectly fine, it turns out that some users still preferred a fixed solution as tightening the screws with a screwdriver does add an extra layer of security. We would particularly recommend the fixed versions for rifles with a strong recoil, like magnums, though the QD solution should generally hold up just as well.

Otherwise, the design of the adapter remains practically unchanged. Customers can still choose between the same sizes and use a number of different reduction rings. Naturally, the fans of the QD lever system do not need to worry, as it will stay in production together with the newly presented fixed version.

Price and Final Thoughts

Rusan isn’t planning any price increases for the updated design since it essentially boils down to user preference and does not significantly affect production costs, no matter which design users opt for. That said, the price remains set at 165 €, the same as the previous generation.

Rusan Modular Fixed Adapter
Rusan Modular Fixed Adapter

Having a sit-down with Rusan was enjoyable, and it is clear they are dedicated to keeping their customers satisfied. We’re excited to see what the future holds for the company.

Rusan Modular Fixed Adapter
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Rusan Modular Fixed Adapter
At this year's IWA fair, Rusan unveiled the fixed design of their modular adapter for clip-on systems and new Picatinny scope mount rings.
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Optics Trade
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