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Mounts - Glossary


Dovetail on a rifle

11 mm and 3/8” Dovetails

BYAlenJan 26, 2022

11 mm and 3/8” dovetails are the two most common types of dovetails that you can find on rifles. The…

The mounting surface on new Sauer 303 rifles (SUM)

SUM Mounting Solution on Sauer 303

BYDavid JerovšekMay 6, 2020

Let’s begin with the introduction of the J. P. Sauer and Sohn company, the oldest still-operating firearm manufacturer in Germany.…

Aluminium and steel Picatinny rails

Picatinny rail – Aluminium or Steel

BYDavid JerovšekJan 21, 2020

What is a Picatinny Rail? Let´s refresh our memory of what a Picatinny rail is. It is a mounting rail,…

Mounts with listed torque specifications

Screw Tightening Torque Values in Riflescope Mounting

BYStane BajukJan 15, 2020

Proper mounting of optics is one of the key factors that affect its precision and reliability. Each component, from the…


Risers | Glossary

BYPolona KranerOct 25, 2018

Hello. Welcome to another episode of Optics Trade Debates. Today, we’re here to talk about risers, a subcategory of mounts…


Scope / Sight Type | Glossary

BYPolona KranerOct 25, 2018

In this category, it is listed whether the mount is attached to the optical device with rings or via rail.…


Mount Rail | Glossary

BYPolona KranerOct 25, 2018

Telescopic sights with a mounting rail under their main tube are almost always made by European producers and meant for…