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Risers | Glossary

Hello. Welcome to another episode of Optics Trade Debates. Today, we’re here to talk about risers, a subcategory of mounts available on our webpage.

Risers can be described as rails, though they are a bit bigger, and their main function is to raise the mounting surface for a couple of millimetres, sometimes centimetres.

Let’s say that the rifle has the standard dovetail rail and its user needs a higher mounting solution. Sometimes using a riser is the only choice because the majority of rings is limited with a total height. When even the highest option of rings is not high enough, for example when using a special scope device, a riser is necessary to gain additional height and space.

Simply put, risers are rails that have the same standard on the bottom as on the top. That means that, for example, if a riser grabs an 11-millimetre dovetail on the lower side, it also works the same on the upper side.

Of course, our customers wish to have as few mounting particles as possible but alas, when you need a riser, you simply do need a riser. It is true that this type of mounts is usually used with small-calibre rifles and rifles with a mild recoil.

The category of risers is connected to that of adapters. You can check out the latter category on our webpage as well. Our customers are often wondering about the difference between the two.

The riser simply changes the height, the same on the top as on the bottom. In the case of adapters, the standard on the bottom differs from that on the top. Adapters usually grab the dovetail on the bottom and feature a Picatinny rail on the top. They allow the user to change the mounting standard to their preference. That is particularly useful for mounting red dots that have a Picatinny-Weaver rail underneath.

This should cover everything about risers. If you have any comments or any remaining questions, please leave a comment in the section below. Like and share this video if you found it useful. Subscribe to your YouTube channel and we will see you in the next episode!

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