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Telescopes Vs. Spotting Scopes

Telescopes Vs. Spotting Scopes

BYMaruša JustinekApr 13, 2021

Introduction Looking for the best scope on the market but are stuck between a spotting scope and a telescope? You…

What Happens When a Star Dies?

What Happens When a Star Dies?

BYMaruša JustinekMar 29, 2021

Introduction The night sky seems to be constant and endless. But is it really, or does it eventually come to…

Optical design of a telescope

How to Use a Telescope?

BYMaruša JustinekMar 24, 2021

Introduction Congratulations on buying your first telescope – an optical time machine by means of which you will be able…


Is the Sun a Star?

BYMaruša JustinekMar 18, 2021

Introduction Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Many people like to stargaze when going on a romantic first date, but not many…

Telescope VS Telephoto Lens

Telescopes Vs. Telephoto Lenses

BYMaruša JustinekMar 9, 2021

Introduction The night sky filled with shiny, pearl-like stars is a great canvas for a remarkable photo of the Orion.…

Can a Telescope be Used During the Day?

Telescopes for Beginners

BYMaruša JustinekMar 8, 2021

Introduction Buying a telescope is the first step to getting familiarized with the night sky and its mysteries. Getting carried…

Telescope Filters

Telescope Filters

BYMaruša JustinekMar 8, 2021

Introduction A telescope can unveil pieces of the sky that cannot be seen with our bare eyes. So why use…