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Savage AccuTrigger thumbnail

What is a Savage AccuTrigger?

BYTilenJan 31, 2023

AccuTrigger is a trigger system developed by Savage Arms that allows shooters to easily adjust the pull-weight of their rifle’s…


What is Savage AccuStock?

BYTilenJan 31, 2023

A visual representation of the aluminum chassis in the Savage AccuStock (Source: Savage Arms YouTube channel) The AccuStock is a…

Savage AccuFit with 5 comb risers

Everything You Need to Know About the Savage…

BYTilenJan 31, 2023

Savage AccuFit (Source: In 2018, Savage Arms has come up with a pretty cool solution for rifle owners. It…

Brno ZH Combination Guns and Shotguns

Brno ZH Combination Guns and Shotguns

BYGaber BobekJan 16, 2023

About the Zbrojovka Brno ZH Series Brno ZH marks the series of combination guns and double-barrel shotguns manufactured by Zbrojovka…

Carl Gustaf 1900 vs. Carl Gustaf 1896

Carl Gustaf 1900 vs. Carl Gustaf 1896 Made…

BYGaber BobekNov 2, 2022

Determining the exact model of your rifle is one of the key factors when it comes to choosing the correct…

Clip-on Adapters Mounting Standards

Clip-on Adapters Mounting Standards

BYAndraž GradišnikSep 28, 2022

Note: This article is updated constantly. Last update: 6 October 2023. 1. Introduction A clip-on makes it possible for the user to…

Sabatti Compact Scout History

How Sabatti Compact Scout Changed Through the Years

BYTilenAug 30, 2022

One day over a nice Sunday BBQ your friend tells you about his new scout rifle. He goes on and…