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Everything You Need to Know About the Savage AccuFit

Savage AccuFit image
Savage AccuFit (Source:

In 2018, Savage Arms has come up with a pretty cool solution for rifle owners. It was then that they introduced AccuFit, an innovative stock system that lets you adjust the length of pull and comb height of your rifle all by yourself and, perhaps even more importantly, for free!

What is the Savage AccuFit

Gone are the days when you had to pay visits to gunsmiths or spend money on aftermarket parts just to get the perfect fit for your rifle.

Nowadays, Savage rifles usually come with adjustable components which allow the shooters to adjust the length of pull and comb height to their personal needs. Savage decided to name this system “AccuFit”.

Savage AccuFit with 5 comb risers
Savage AccuFit rifles usually come with 5 comb risers and 4 length of pull inserts (Source: Savage Arms)

AccuFit allows you to do it all on your own, without any added cost, though to be fair, the intention was most likely not to take the gunsmith’s hard-earned money or kill the aftermarket biosphere, but to make sure that Savage rifles owners would always have their every fitment need satisfied.

AccuFit isn’t just for a specific type of shooter, it’s designed to work for everyone. No matter if you’re tall or short, big or small-framed, AccuFit can be adjusted to fit you perfectly. This means you’ll have a comfortable and accurate shooting experience every time you use your rifle.

And because the adjustable components can be switched so fast, this system also makes sure that the rifle can be borrowed or used by a couple of different shooters if needed, and each and one of them will be able to have the same level of custom-fitted experience as the one before.

How does the Savage AccuFit Work

Savage AccuFit combs and spacers
Combs and spacers that come with an AccuFit Savage rifle (source:

When you purchase an AccuFit Savage rifle, you will receive multiple combs and spacers as part of the package. These are the adjustable components that are the basis of the AccuFit system, and they allow you to customize the fit of your rifle to your exact needs.

The comb is the piece that sits against your cheek and the spacer is used to adjust the length of pull, which is the distance between the trigger and the back of the stock.

The process of adjusting the AccuFit is straightforward and simple. You can experiment with different combinations of combs and spacers to find the perfect fit for you. Once you have found it, you can secure it in place by tightening the screws. This will ensure a consistent and secure fit every time you shoot.

How to Adjust the Savage AccuFit

A Savage rifle with AccuFit; combs and spacers are lying around the buttstock
A Savage rifle with AccuFit (Source:

Adjusting the AccuFit stock system on a Savage rifle is a quick and easy process.

To begin, you will need to locate the two screws that are located in the holes on the rubber buttpad. Using a screwdriver, you will unscrew these screws, and once they have been removed, you can then take out the buttpad.

With the buttpad removed, you need to decide whether or not you are satisfied with the comb height. If not, this would be the time to replace the comb since it can only be removed when the buttpad is down. To replace the comb, simply slide it in the direction of the buttpad and then pull it away to take it off. Then you simply replace it with one of the combs that came with your rifle.

When the comb is dealt with, the next step is to insert the spacers. They are used to adjust the length of pull. You have the freedom to test different combinations of spacers to find the perfect fit for you. It’s worth mentioning that it is possible to use multiple spacers simultaneously, depending on the length you require.

Finally, once you have inserted the spacers, you can reattach the buttpad and tighten the screws again. This will secure the spacers in place and make sure that the length of pull is adjusted to your desired measurements.

In summary, adjusting the AccuFit stock system on a Savage rifle is a simple and easy process that can be done in a few quick steps.

How is Savage AccuFit Different than AccuStock

The AccuStock is a stock system that Savage introduced in 2009. It is a unique and innovative design that differs from the traditional method of securing the action with one or two screws into the stock. Instead, the AccuStock features a rigid aluminum chassis with pre-stressed side rails permanently embedded in the stock throughout the length of the action and fore-end.

A visual representation of the aluminum chassis in the Savage AccuStock (Source: Savage Arms YouTube channel)
A visual representation of the aluminum chassis in the Savage AccuStock (Source: Savage Arms YouTube channel)

The AccuStock is made of a polymer material, making it lightweight yet durable. It engages the action three-dimensionally, along its entire length. This means that when the screws are tightened, the action screws provide vertical pressure while the pre-stressed rails provide horizontal pressure. This results in a perfect unity between the action and stock, making it more resistant to heat and recoil.

A steel block is also present in the bottom of the chassis, which engages the rifle’s recoil lug. This prevents the action from shifting forward or backward, ensuring that the rifle stays securely in place. This unique design of the AccuStock provides a more stable and accurate shooting experience.

AccuFit, on the other hand, was introduced almost a decade later, and it is simply a part of the AccuStock. To put it simply, Savage built the AccuFit on the AccuStock system in hopes of further improving the latter. AccuFit is thus an “update” for the AccuStock.

Everything You Need to Know About the Savage AccuFit
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Everything You Need to Know About the Savage AccuFit
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  • I am looking to purchase the Accufit kit for the Savage 110 and I am having a problem finding any part number’s for the kit and place to purchase . If this is a item that you sell please send me part number and cost please

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      you should reach out to a nearby Savage dealer for the best assistance. Please note that this is a blog focused on optics and firearms.

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