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Rome Firearm Accessories

Victrix Armaments is an Italian company primarily known for producing premium quality long-range shooting bolt action rifles which gained a reputation for their accuracy and reliability over the years. They use high-quality materials and components, including stainless steel barrels manufactured in the USA and CNC-machined receivers. Moreover, Victrix offers a variety of models with different features, such as adjustable stocks, customizable actions, and muzzle brakes.

Victrix Rifles
Victrix Rifles, Source: Victrix

Their rifles are centered around their Minerva action, which is a modern interpretation of the company’s first-ever developed action. Their firearms are used in competitive shooting events, such as the Precision Rifle Series but are also favoured by military and law enforcement personnel around the world.

Victrix Challenge sporting rifle
Victrix Challenge sporting rifle, Source: Victrix

Rome, an Italian brand, emerged a few years ago alongside Victrix and has since expanded its product line to offer a variety of high-quality rifle accessories. These cover plenty of options and are not only dedicated to the Victrix brand alone but can complement different firearm systems.

Rome firearms accessories
Rome firearms accessories, Source: Rome

The product range covers bipods, adapters, suppressors, chassis systems, and other add-ons. During our visit to their booth at this year’s IWA 2023, we were pleasantly surprised to see that Rome also offers some of the highest-quality mounting solutions.

Rome firearm accessories
Rome firearm accessories

Premium Quality Riflescope Mounts

Rome’s line of scope mounts is an impressive addition to the company’s product range. Their patented three-junction RMCS (ROME Multi-Contact System) is designed to withstand the recoil from the strongest calibers and reduce accidental damage.

Rome monobloc fixed scope mount
Rome monobloc fixed scope mount, Source: Rome

Moreover, the mounting solutions are designed with their RAUC (Rome Alignment Ultimate Concept) multi-point drop system to avoid any movement and provide sturdy support. Rome’s scope mount range includes monobloc tactical line mounts, two-piece mounts, and more elegant-looking hunting-style rings.

Rome 4-stud sporting rings for mounting a scope
Rome 4-stud sporting rings for mounting a scope, Source: Rome

Their tactical line of monoblocs is offered in a variety of interfaces, with the possibility of extensions, rails for side attachments, and more. Made of either industrial-grade aluminum or high-quality steel, the mounts look sturdy, and are available in either fixed or quick-detachable configurations. The tactical monobloc line also comes equipped with a bubble level to ensure perfect alignment.

Rome monobloc quick detachable scope mount
Rome monobloc quick detachable scope mount, Source: Rome

What sets Rome apart from others in the market is that every part of the mounts is manufactured in-house, ensuring impeccable quality control and outstanding fit and finish that is apparent at first glance. The price point ranges from approximately 180 € up to 470 €, depending on the style of mounts. We are pleased to see a new range of premium mounting solutions available on the market and look forward to seeing what Rome will bring to the market next.

Rome Scope Mounts
Rome Firearm Accessories
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Rome Firearm Accessories
We visited the Victrix booth at this year's IWA 2023 and looked at their Rome firearm accessories.
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