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What is a Savage AccuTrigger?

AccuTrigger is a trigger system developed by Savage Arms that allows shooters to easily adjust the pull-weight of their rifle’s trigger without the need for a gunsmith.

With the AccuTrigger, shooters can achieve a light, clean, and creep-free pull, resulting in improved accuracy and comfort while shooting. They can achieve all that from the comfort of their home, without there even being a need of setting foot outside. This is because Savage made this system so easily adjustable that practically anyone can do it on their own.

Not only does the AccuTrigger improve the shooting experience, but it is also designed with safety in mind. It prevents accidental discharges, giving shooters peace of mind while handling their firearms. 

A visual representation of the design of the Savage AccuTrigger
The design of Savage’s accutriger (Source:

When and Why was Savage AccuTrigger Invented

Savage Arms introduced the AccuTrigger in 2002 as a solution to the growing concerns about gun safety and stricter gun laws in the second half of the 20th century.

The issue at hand was that many firearms had a high weight of pull to avoid any liability over accidental discharges. But a high pull weight can negatively impact the accuracy and comfort of shooting. In an effort to combat these issues, many gun owners sought the help of gunsmiths to adjust the weight pull.

However, this was often irreversible, costly, and obviously not an ideal solution for everybody. Additionally, some people attempted to adjust the trigger themselves, which often resulted in a too-light pull weight and made the gun even less safe.

In response to these issues, Savage Arms’ former CEO Ron Coburn decided to invest in the development of the AccuTrigger, a fully adjustable, safe, and user-friendly triggering system.

One major “plus-side” of the AccuTrigger is that it allows the users to adjust the pull weight to their desired level without the need for a gunsmith or irreversible modifications. Additionally, it is designed with safety in mind and prevents accidental discharges thanks to its clever sear-blocking system.

There can be no denying that AccuTrigger was a game-changer for the firearms industry. It allowed gun owners more control over their firearms’ performance and safety, and it also set a new standard for trigger systems in the industry. It is nowadays a very popular choice among hunters, sports shooters, and other gun enthusiasts.

How does the AccuTrigger Work?

The AccuTrigger is designed to be simple to use. It features a long silver-colored AccuRelease lever that is mounted within the trigger body and connects to the trigger’s pivot point in the housing.

When the trigger is not in use, the upper end of the AccuRelease lever is positioned behind the sear, acting as a safety feature by blocking the sear if any external force causes it to move out of place.

To use the trigger, the shooter first depresses the AccuRelease lever, moving its tip out of the way of the sear. This allows the sear to move fully backward when the trigger is pulled, at any weight that the shooter has adjusted. This design makes it easy for the shooter to adjust the trigger pull weight for improved accuracy and comfort.

Safety is a key feature of the AccuTrigger. The standard trigger cannot be engaged without first pressing the AccuRelease lever. If the shooter tries to use the standard trigger without first pressing the AccuRelease, the safety mechanism will lock and the bolt will have to be operated to reset the system.

Former CEO of Savage Arms, Ron Coburn, conducted a test to demonstrate the safety of the AccuTrigger by dropping a rifle from over 6 meters and it did not discharge, showing the effectiveness of the AccuTrigger’s safety features.

Savage Model 110 Lightweight Storm with the AccuTrigger
Savage Model 110 Lightweight Storm with the AccuTrigger

Pros and Cons of the AccuTrigger

AccuTrigger Pros

There are certainly more advantages to the Savage AccuTrigger than there are disadvantages.

Ease of Adjustability

One of the advantages is AccuTrigger’s real ease of adjustability. Rifle owners can adjust the pull weight of the trigger to suit their preferences literally from the comfort of their own home, or a couch, even. All they have to do is read the manual and use the tools that were provided with the rifle when it was purchased.


Another major advantage of the AccuTrigger is its versatility. The range of adjustment of the trigger is wide enough to make it useful in just about any shooting scenario. It can be as light as 0.68 kg (1.5 lb) or as heavy as 2.5 kg (5.5 lb), should you need it this heavy. Whatever your shooting preferences are regarding the trigger, AccuTrigger will most likely satisfy them.


In the age of gun laws and safety procedures, AccuTrigger offers another layer of safety, and that is not something to be taken lightly.

It prevents an accidental discharge, and in some cases, it can even stop the rifle from unintentionally firing even if the safety is OFF.

However, we must issue a WARNING – AccuTrigger CAN NOT be used instead of the safety, as they are not the same things and do not serve the same purpose. Make sure you still put your rifle in safe mode, even if it features the AccuTrigger.

AccuTrigger Cons


There is only one potential real issue that we see with the AccuTrigger, and it is its cost.

It is true that AccuTrigger offers many advantages that can be very useful and maybe even in some cases necessary, but these advantages come at a price.

Generally speaking, Savage rifles with the AccuTrigger are a bit costlier than those without it, but literally decades after its initial introduction, shooters can now easily find relatively cheap models that feature it. One of them is Savage Axis II, for instance, which was developed especially to offer a cheaper yet equally effective alternative to the famous Savage Model 110.

Savage 110 Magpul Hunter with the AccuTrigger
Savage 110 Magpul Hunter with the AccuTrigger (Source: Savage Arms Twitter)

Which Savage Rifles have the AccuTrigger?

Nowadays, you will be hard-pressed to find a Savage rifle that leaves the factory without the AccuTrigger, but because Savage has such a long tradition of changing their designs, there are models that can be found with or without it.

For instance, every Savage Model 110 made after 2003 will have the AccuTrigger, and the same goes for Savage Axis II and Savage Impulse.

On the other hand, Savage Rascal, Savage Slug 220 and 212, Savage Mark I. and II., Savage 64, Savage 93, etc. can be found with the AccuTrigger or without it, depending on when or where the rifle was bought.

Savage Axis II Blackout 300 close-up
Savage Axis II Blackout 300 comes with the AccuTrigger

How to Adjust the AccuTrigger

As mentioned above, adjusting the AccuTrigger is a relatively simple task, and it can be achieved without any prior knowledge of gunsmithing. All that is required is a straight key, which Savage includes with every AccuTrigger rifle. 

Insert the key, then gently turn it. To lessen the pull, turn it counterclockwise. It becomes heavier going clockwise. There is no need to worry since the system cannot be over-adjusted or destroyed by being moved too far.

The only thing to keep in mind is that this process looks different depending on the model. Savage Axis II, for instance, will need to have its action screws removed and the action separated from the stock in order to adjust the system.

Savage Mark II, on the other hand, features a single screw hole on the trigger guard and the owner must simply insert the included key into this hole to lessen or tighten the pull.

Generally speaking, centerfire models will need to have the action removed to adjust the AccuTrigger while the rimfire models will usually come with a hole in the trigger guard which will allow an even simpler adjustment process.

What is a Savage AccuTrigger?
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What is a Savage AccuTrigger?
AccuTrigger is a trigger system developed by Savage Arms that allows shooters to easily adjust the pull-weight.
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